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MS-13 Lures El Salvador Police into Bomb Ambush with Fake Body in Vehicle

The attack came after suspected gang members killed two police officers and three soldiers over the weekend. All were off-duty when they were attacked. Some were playing sports.

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CA Officers Take Black Powder Gun from Gang Member

The police report lists the gun as a .44 Magnum. The image details that it was a replica Model 1858 New Army .44-caliber cap-and-ball revolver of the kind made by a number of Italian firms, chiefly for the collector market.

MS-13 Members Reportedly Plan to Attack Off-Duty NYPD Officers

Officers with the New York Police Department—by far the nation's largest metropolitan police agency—have been told that they may be targets of one of the nation's most notorious gangs, particularly while off duty.

FBI, LAPD Arrest Dozens of Suspected Gang Members in Raids

Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department were joined by FBI agents in raids on Wednesday that resulted in the arrest of 38 people.

The Rise of Hybrid Gangs

On the street and even in prisons, gang culture is changing, and your investigative assumptions, methods, and practices must change as well.

Chicago Mayoral Candidate Vows to Dismantle Gang Database

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle—who is running to be the next Mayor of Chicago—says she would make some significant changes to the way in which police in the Windy City conduct business.

Suspect Arrested in Killing of California Officer

After a multi-agency manhunt, a man who was in the country illegally and had known gang ties was arrested Friday in the fatal shooting of Newman, CA, Police Cpl. Ronil Singh.

Prosecutor Says Officer Dragged by Alleged Gang Member Will Never Recover

A prosecutor told a jury in Brooklyn on Wednesday that the NYPD officer who was struck and dragged by an alleged member of the Crips gang will never recover from his injuries.

Boston's Top Cop Fires Back at ACLU "Paper Warriors"

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross ripped into ACLU "paper warriors" for suing the city over a gang database, saying the civil rights advocates are turning a blind eye to "atrocities" committed by gang members.

ACLU Sues Boston Police Department for Access to Gang Database

The ACLU and other groups seeking access to the database say that they want to know the demographic background of people in the system—such as race, age, local ZIP code, and nationality.