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First Aid Products

Tourniquet, Ballistic Vest Save Life of Oregon Officer After Being Shot

An officer with the Salem (OR) Police Department is recovering after being shot several times during a traffic stop on Tuesday night.

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Denver Broncos Players Donate $200,000 to Buy Protective Gear for First Responders

The kits includes body armor, a helmet and a wound trauma kit, all of which is meant to better the first responders' standard issue gear. The point is to protect against rifle fire.

New Mexico Officer Applies Tourniquet to Himself After Shooting, Killing Gunman

An officer was shot in the leg and a suspected gunman was killed during a gunfight in Albuquerque early Sunday morning. The officer went to his vehicle, applied a tourniquet to his injured leg, and successfully detained the driver.

H&H Medical Acquires Right to Produce SWAT-T Tourniquets

H&H Medical Corporation, a leading provider of emergency trauma products, has acquired the right to produce the SWAT-T elastic tourniquet from TEMS Solutions, LLC. The addition of this product will expand H&H Medical’s line of “Stop The Bleed” products available to military and civilian customers worldwide.

MiniFAK Everyday Carry Trauma Kit

Chinook's MiniFAK is a small, compact everyday carry trauma kit designed to address severe bleeding and penetrating chest injuries.

The Twist That Saves Lives

Not that long ago any police commander who was buying tourniquets for officers and urging their use when appropriate would have been thought reckless. But now more officers are carrying these life-saving devices on duty.

Quiklitter XL

Rescue Essentials' new QuikLitter XL is larger, at 80" x 40", has 14 grab handles, and features a maximum load rating of 1,000 pounds.

Homemade Tourniquet, Quick Thinking Help Chicago Police Save Gunshot Victim

Chicago Police Officers David Watson and Paul Moreno used an improvised tourniquet to help save the life of a 17-year-old male shot in the left leg, right leg, groin, and buttocks. On Tuesday, the officers received the officer of the month award for their efforts.

Chicago Officers Use Military Training to Save Shooting Victim

Cabral, an Army veteran, began applying pressure to the man's chest wound. When that failed, he asked Zuniga, who was a Navy veteran, to grab a QuikClot Combat Gauze from the first-aid kit in his vest and used it to control the bleeding until paramedics arrived.

Asset Forfeiture Buys 2,000 Trauma Kits for Colorado Officers

In the coming months, 2,000 police officers around the state of Colorado will receive individual first-aid kits (IFAK), Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman announced Thursday.