Best Practices for Document Conversion in Public Safety

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Moving to digitally-accessible files has many benefits ‚Äď a recent Gartner report revealed that staff can waste up to 30% of their workweek, or about 12 hours, managing paper-based documents.

Document conversion presents an opportunity for managing physical and disparate files more efficiently. Converting these historical documents into a digital format ensures they are readily available for searching and analysis. 

  • Data continuity and long-term preservation¬†
  • Optimization of physical space¬†
  • Expanded data availability¬†

There are many ways to digitally render files and records from simple tabletop scanners to snapping an image on your phone. However, when you have multiple boxes, storage devices, etc. this task becomes daunting. Your agency should also consider how you will need to access and search these files once they are available online.  

Download this guide for best practices on how to set your document and records conversion project up for success.