Portable Search Camera

SEARCH SYSTEMS has introduced their SEARCHCAM PATROL SYSEM visual surveillance unit enabling area searches while protecting the operator from hostile exposure. Based upon the SEARCHCAM 2000 IR Tactical Surveillance System, the PATROL SYSTEM features the samehigh standards and quality components used in the advanced system; the camera, illumination and video display arem identical.

Designed to be compact and easy to handle, the unit fits into the trunk of a standard patrol car. The lightweight probe collapses to 31 inches and can be extended to 5.5 feet; sufficient to accommodate searches of up 10-footcommercial attics. The non-visivle infrared illumination with the low light camera provides an excellent picture at 30 feet in zero light.

The unit's sealed lead acid battery can provide up to three continuous hours of operation and can be recharged to 90% capacity in only two hours. The video display is detachable via a quick-connect coupling and allows the monitor to be extended away from the probe. All of the components are stored in one Pelican (r) foam-lined, high impact plastic, wheeled carrying case.

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