Laser Dazzler (tm)

Taking advantage of modern technology makes sense when that technology is based upon sound principles. The Laser Dazzler(tm) from LE Technologies, LLC, takes advantage of the human eye’s inability to adjust to a focused beam of bright light. The Dazzler emits a bright green 532nm non-lethal laser light with an effective range beyond 400 meters. The adjustable 140 miliwatt laser can produce a five-meter spot at 50 feet that reacts with the human eye to cause disorientation and confusion. The Laser Dazzler envelops an adversary in an “optical wrap” of light that affords a tactical team or even a street cop a time cushion within which to react.

The non-lethal Dazzler has a battery life of one hour and can be recharged in less than an hour. This is an interesting proposition as an entry tool or for high risk vehicle stops. Cost is around $8,000 but if you remember an attorney might make that in 16 hours, perhaps the cost is suddenly put into perspective!

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