Safariland’s Newest Duty Gear

The Tube Belt Levitation System is a new concept in duty belts. Historically, police duty belts have been made of heavy leather or synthetic material. The edges of the belt tended to “dig” into a wearer’s hips, causing discomfort and bruising. Safariland has re-thought the matter and come up with a novel solution.

The Tube Belt Levitation System eliminates all possible sharp edges and is lightweight, contouring itself to a wearer’s hips. The system features a lock-up for holsters and accessories, keeping them attached and secure. A hook and loop lock-up to the under-belt is part of the system.

Safariland’s new Contour Holster offers comfort and a natural fit along the hip line of women and larger men. The unique snap and release lets the holster body fall away from the body allowing a comfortable draw.

The Model 6070 Raptor duty holster offers a natural drawing motion and a spring-loaded frame jack that positions the handgun into a locking recess in the holster body. This allows a quick re-holster with an automatic level of retention. Prototypes of all three products were available at the IACP Show and POLICE found them to live up to their promises in our preliminary look.

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