Outlast Technologies and Point Blank Solutions Bring Cooling Comfort to Body Armor

Advanced Outlast Technology with temperature-regulating benefits integrated into select Point Blank ballistic systems is designed to provide officers optimal year-round comfort and protection.

Outlast Technologies, the leader in temperature regulating technology, announced today that the newest generation of its Outlast Adaptive Comfort solution is now exclusively available in select NIJ .06-certified ballistic systems sold by Point Blank Body Armor and Protective Apparel Corporation of America (PACA), wholly-owned subsidiaries of Point Blank Solutions, Inc.

The enhanced fabric technology with thermo-regulating properties gives officers true comfort benefits within their concealable carriers, enabling them to perform optimally even under the most extreme climate conditions.

Point Blank Solutions offers the only body armor in North America with certified benefits of Outlast technology. Specifically, the Company's premier concealable carriers, Vision from Point Blank Body Armor and Blue Steel from PACA, feature the Outlast Adaptive Comfort micro-dernier lining to help regulate an officer's body temperature, reduce moisture and buffer against temperature swings in all environments. Based on Outlast lab results, a simulated environmental chamber test showed a 70% reduction in sweating when wearing body armor containing Outlast technology.

"Our body armor systems are designed to provide officers with not only the highest level of ballistic protection, but also the greatest level of comfort so that wear rates increase and lives are saved," stated Michael Foreman, SVP of domestic and international sales for Point Blank Solutions.

"With the integration of the latest Outlast technology into our Vision and Blue Steel carriers, we will provide officers with a proven thermo-regulating technology that reduces moisture, prevents massive sweating and is highly adaptable to any climate - whether in Alaska or Florida. Point Blank remains committed to teaming-up with innovators such as Outlast to develop versatile, lightweight and comfortable solutions that will protect the officers who protect us every day." 

The Vision body armor system is considered one of the lightest weight ballistic systems available to the market today. The carrier was specifically engineered to deliver exceptional bullet-stopping power and designed to suit personal needs for thinness and flexibility. Similarly, the Blue Steel carrier is a high-performance body armor system and has the same advanced ballistic capabilities as Vision, coupled with a tri-level temperature and moisture control package to keep officers extraordinarily cool and dry.

Officers across the nation from agencies such as the Buffalo Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, San Antonio Police Department, Baton Rouge Police Department, Idaho State Police, Utah Highway Patrol, Indianapolis Metro Police Department and more, are wearing the Vision and Blue Steel body armor systems because of their comfort and performance attributes, and life saving features.

"Point Blank has been a valued partner of Outlast over the past five years," said Heather Manuel, Outlast North America sales and marketing director. "Outlast continues to evolve and we are excited to be able to add more Outlast technology into Point Blank and PACA products for increased temperature-regulating and moisture-reducing benefits.  Point Blank Solutions, now more than ever, delivers the most comfortable and protective carriers on the market today."

How Outlast Technology Works

Outlast technology improves concealable carrier comfort in all types of environments and delays the effects of the outside environment to the onset of discomfort. This is done through phase-change materials that absorb, store and release excess body heat to maintain and balance temperature.

Outlast technology within the fabric of the carriers manages the buildup of humidity by absorbing excess body heat and reduces relative humidity next to skin causing a reduction in sweat and chills. The proactive nature of the technology delays the onset of sweat, whereas other reactive products on the market rely on the user to sweat and become uncomfortable prior to receiving any benefit. Proactive Outlast technology keeps the wearer more comfortable, longer and allows the user to perform better for a longer period of time.

About Point Blank Solutions, Inc.

Point Blank Solutions, Inc. is a leader in the design and production of technologically advanced body armor systems for the U.S. Military, government and law enforcement agencies, as well as select international markets. The company is also recognized as the largest producer of soft body armor in the U.S. With state-of-the-art manufacturing and laboratory testing facilities, strategic technology and marketing alliances, and an ongoing commitment to drive innovation, Point Blank Solutions believes that it can deliver the most advanced body armor solutions, quicker and better than anyone in the industry. The company maintains facilities in Pompano Beach, Fla., and Jacksboro, Tenn. www.PointBlankSolutionsInc.com

About Outlast Technologies, Inc.

Outlast Technologies, Inc., a privately held U.S. corporation, is the worldwide leader in developing phase-change materials and applications. As an innovative technology company for the past 20 years, Outlast has launched temperature-regulating technology in apparel, footwear, bedding, packaging and labels, and accessories. Originally developed for NASA, Outlast fibers, fabrics and coatings contain patented microencapsulated phase-change materials called Thermocules, which absorb, store, and release heat, providing increased comfort for consumers. For more information visit www.outlast.com.

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