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Cool K9

CoolK9 keeps the kennel area cool (or warm) by directing a portion of the vehicle's air conditioning to a K-9’s kennel, enclosure, or dog crate. Studies have shown CoolK9 keeps the rear area of a police car at least 10 degress cooler.

The device snaps into the air conditioning vent of a Ford Crown Victoria, Chevy Impala, or any car or truck with 2.5-inch vents. The kennel vent attachment is installed with zip-ties to any screen, vent, or door. CoolK9 comes with 6 feet of hose and is easily disconnected by squeezing the dash cup spring clip.

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Hot-n-Pop Pro

Thought to be a necessity by many K-9 handlers, the Hot-n-Pop Pro from AceK9 combines two useful tools in one device. It monitors the temperature in your K-9’s vehicle enclosure, alerting you when it’s too “hot” and allows you to remotely “pop” open the door to release the dog from the vehicle when you need his immediate assistance.

The Hot-n-Pop Pro has many redundant features so that if one part of the system fails to work, another part will continue operation. Two separate temperature sensors monitor the inside temperature. To ensure your K-9 remains cool, several different alarms signal a dangerously hot car. These include an S.O.S. horn honk that honks out S.O.S. in Morse code, siren activation, and lightbar activation.

The door-popping function of the device allows an officer to release a dog with the push of a button. It both unlocks and unlatches the door at once. The door will not release while the car is in motion, however, protecting the K-9 from an accidental release.

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American Aluminum Accessories

The R.E.S.C.U.E. electronic door opening system allows an officer to open the vehicle door and release a K-9 from the vehicle by remote transmitter.

The new and improved R.E.S.C.U.E. system includes a key ring-type two-button transmitter and a hand-held two-button transmitter, designed to be worn on a utility belt with Velcro-Fastened pouch.

The system transmitters will lock or unlock the vehicle doors and open the designated door for the K-9 Partner to exit on demand.

Included in the system are an external mount receiving antenna, multi-channel receiving or sending unit, a lighted on/off toggle switch, actuator motor with mounting brackets, all necessary wiring and cables, easy clip wiring connectors, connecting apparatus, and gas cylinders with mounting brackets. Free technical assistance is also available. The company also offers CoolGuard to monitor temperatures inside a vehicle.

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Code Blue Designs

The third version of Code Blue Designs’ record-keeping software, KANINE 2006, has been designed using the latest .Net Framework technology and has been built to offer the same user-friendliness as previous versions of KANINE software.

KANINE 2006 offers many familiar features as well as some new ones, including comprehensive tracking of K-9 usage, K-9 training, medical records, use-of-force reporting, certification tracking, training aid maintenance and expense records; tracking of suspect information; a new Officers Daily Log feature, which allows the officer to record daily events and search past entries; automatic updates available via Internet connection.

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KF Software

CACTUS (Computer Aided Canine Tracking Utility System) Software from KF Software was created by canine handlers to allow you to record everything you need, including wind, weather, surface, and distraction information. It supports multiple canine logs and allows you to create maps and diagrams. The secure database allows you to print the full log or just the important statistics that you need. The software runs on Windows 95 and newer computers; customizations are available to suit your specific needs.

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K-9 Derma Care

Bio TAC K-9 Derma Care is a clinically developed and tested product designed to soothe, dry, and promote healing of moist pyo-traumatic dermatitis, often called “hot spots.” Once applied to the animal, it begins to relieve the associated itch and spread of lesions. K-9 Derma Care is a soothing, non-toxic, non-allergenic, preparation for use on irritated skin or mucous membranes.

K-9 Derma Care can be applied full strength onto the affected area or diluted in bathing water, depending on the severity of the animal’s ailment.

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Doggles ILS

Doggles ILS (Interchangeable Lens System) is a pair of goggles designed for dogs that offers a deeper lens cup, very flexible frame, and wider nose bridge. ILS were designed from the beginning to be lighter and more comfortable for dogs. Great for protecting your dog when doing SWAT training with Simunition rounds or paintball. Very popular with the military working dogs stationed in Iraq to protect their eyes from sand, these doggles also offer 100% UV protection and shatterproof, anti-fog lenses.

The basic model is a black frame with smoke lens. It fits 50- to 90-pound dogs. Other sizes are available by special order.

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Magnetic Stash Boxes
Ray Allen

Ray Allen’s heavy-duty magnetic stash boxes that attach to many metallic surfaces allow officers to train K-9s to sniff for odors by placing a hide in a variety of locations. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, the boxes feature self-locking lids to secure an odor sample and 25-pound test magnets for positive attachment to many metallic surfaces. The small stash box measures approximately 5.75x2.25x1.5 inches. The large stash box measures approximately 11.5x2.25x1.5 inches.

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