Wiley-X PT-1 Multi-Lens Glasses

One of the most attractive features of the Wiley-X PT-1 multi-lens glasses is their wrap design. This gives you protection from debris and other objects that can fly into your eyes from the side. Personally, I have found this feature to be particularly beneficial on the training range when brass casings fly hot and fast.

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PT-1 Multi-Lens Glasses

One of the most attractive features of the Wiley-X PT-1 multi-lens glasses is their wrap design. This gives you protection from debris and other objects that can fly into your eyes from the side. Personally, I have found this feature to be particularly beneficial on the training range when brass casings fly hot and fast.

The wrap design of the PT-1 system also keeps the glasses in place during rigorous activity such as a sudden foot pursuit. But if you plan on very rigorous activity, I still suggest using an auxiliary strap; losing your glasses when you need them is a bad thing.

For police use, the PT-1 glasses are available with clear and smoke lenses while the three-lens set comes with a rust/yellow colored lens. This gives the user a pair of glasses that is versatile and useful in most lighting conditions.

The clear lens is excellent for protecting your eyes after dark or in reduced lighting conditions. Why would you need protective lenses when the sun is not burning into your eyes? Well, hazards like dust, spit, fists, and chemicals can affect your eyes 24 hours a day.

For those of us who are optically challenged, the PT-1 also comes with a prescription insert. Your local optometrist can fit your prescription into the insert. I suggest using a polycarbonate lens to add further protection from flying items. These inserts are very durable, and I have yet to see a pair break under normal use; even hard core normal use.

If you are in the market for protective glasses for duty, check out Wiley-X.


Frame: 90-degree wrap

Lenses: 8 Base 2.3mm Selenite polycarbonate

UV Protection: 100 percent UVA/UVB

Impact: Mil-spec and ANSI rated

Special Features: Rx compatible

Price: $110 for three lens set

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Bugout Gear

Bugout Bag

At first glance the Bugout Bag (5016) looks like any other hydration/pack system. Closer inspection reveals that it is far more than just a bag.

Two things caught my eye when I first saw the Bugout Bag. It's got a great mess pocket on the front of the bag. This pocket is big enough for a name tape, pens, etc. Below it is a larger pocket to put things you use all the time: glasses, aspirin, etc. While these two pockets seem like a small thing; it shows that Bugout Gear realizes the need to have small items at hand.

Some other great features are the D-rings and carry handle. The D-rings on the side are located to accommodate a shoulder strap to turn the pack into a briefcase of sorts. The shoulder and belly straps pack inside the back of the pack (this is also where a hydration bladder fits) to give you a smooth look; especially important if you are going to use this bag as carry-on luggage when flying.

If you are looking for a pack that gives you organized storage, the Bugout Bag may be just what you need. The two outer pockets have slots, folders, and holders sewn in to secure pens, flashlights, small OC canisters, notepads, PDAs, business cards, and more. These pockets are like mobile desk drawers.

The large main pocket is designed with clothing straps in it. This will keep your heavy gear or spare clothing neat and out of the way. If you have more gear than you think this main pocket can accommodate, it can be expanded by an outer zipper. This increases the size of the bag by approximately three inches, giving you 3,280 cubic inches of capacity. That's a lot of room.

The Bugout Gear 5016 pack is a great bag for duty and off-duty use. It is authorized for purchase in AAFES stores and has seen action with the troops overseas. Check out the pack for use on the street; I am sure you will agree this is a good bag.


Material: 1,000-denier Cordura

Size: 21x9x13 inches (unexpanded)

Capacity: 3,280 cubic inches (expanded)

Price: $99.99

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GSG9 Boots

I found out when I walked perimeter guard as a cop in the Army and Air Force that if your feet are happy on the job you will be, too; more or less.

The GSG9 boot from Haix was designed to keep your feet happy. The GSG9 is built to feel like an athletic shoe but have the durability of a work boot.

To accomplish this goal, Haix uses waterproof leather uppers, a four-layer lining with Gore-Tex, and proprietary insole and midsole materials as well as the Haix MSL system in the sole of the shoe. The MSL system allows for a more natural gait.

Not only is the GSG9 designed for comfort and water resistance, it is built to keep the wearer's body safe as well. The sole of the GSG9 is slip, oil, and fuel resistant; it is also non-marking and anti-static. When you combine these features with an aggressive outsole, you get a boot designed to keep you on your feet in all conditions.

Over the last few months, I have found the GSG9s to be very comfortable and dry even in the worst of the spring monsoons. The lace locks and Velcro tab keep the tongue of the boot in place and ensure comfort across the arch of the foot, no matter the activity. The eight-inch height of the GSG9 also allows them to be worn with class A/B duty pants, not just with your BDUs.


Upper: Waterproof Leather

Lining: Gore-Tex

Sole: Davos

Sizes: 4.5-16, whole and half

Widths: Narrow, medium, wide

Price: $252

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Safe Direction

Ballistic Pads

Safe Direction manufactures ballistic containment pads. The pads are designed to contain an unintentional handgun or rifle shot when you unload your weapon for cleaning or storage.

The Safe Direction Ballistic Pad is portable, but it can be permanently attached to a solid object such as a wall. Safe Direction recommends that you place the pad on a "solid" object such as a couch when using the portable version. This helps to dissipate the energy from the bullet impact.

When using the pad, always set the muzzle of your weapon on or aim it at the Safe Direction logo. This ensures that—should the weapon fire —you will impact the center of the containment system.

The ballistic panel is designed to allow the bullet to enter, pass through several layers of material, and then settle into the Ballistic Seal. You will not see the bullet or any fragments in the Safe Direction Case; the only visible damage will be a few stray fibers from the logo with some fibers displaced or a powder burn mark on the case.

I found that the Safe Direction Ballistic Pad works as advertised. I shot it with a 55-grain JHP out of my DPMS M4. There was no splatter, little pieces of debris, or any other sign that the pad absorbed a bullet impact.


Ballistic Protection: NIJ Level III

Size Tested: 12x12 inches (several sizes available)

Shell Material: 1,000-denier Cordura

Price: $275

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TOPS Knives

Thunder Hawke

The staff of TOPS Knives is comprised of guys who have been there and done that when it comes to hard duty operations. They are former Spec Ops personnel, and the company designs knives to meet the needs of law enforcement and military operators.

For a knife that would work for daily police duty use, I chose the Thunder Hawke with the partially serrated tanto blade (model 108). This is a folding knife with a pocket clip.

The Thunder Hawke is a visually appealing knife. It has a titanium frame lock, a black G-10 grip panel, and a matte luster black cobalt vanadium steel blade. These materials not only give the Thunder Hawke good looks, but make the knife durable and light.

Of course, good looks only mean so much in a knife; the most important aspect of the Thunder Hawke's design is its ergonomics. The design of the grip panel and frame are excellent, as the gritty crosshatch texture of the G-10 and the serrations on the top of the frame give you a secure grip. The smooth side of the titanium frame allows you to get the knife out of your pocket without it binding with your pants. Believe it or not, you will still have a solid purchase on the knife; at least I did in the cold, rain, and ice of this spring when I was taking it out for a test drive.

I waited nearly two years to get one of the final versions of the Thunder Hawke. It was worth the wait. The Thunder Hawke is durable, lightweight, and versatile. I have used it to hack through cable ties, package banding, and other tough materials. The serrated edge of the Thunder Hawke made short work of rope and webbing, which is why I chose this version.

The blade on my Thunder Hawke has stayed sharp, and its steel will take an edge quickly even when I—shall we say—abuse the knife. TOPS Knives are a bit more expensive than those you find on the shelves of your favorite big box retailer, but they are really well designed, durable, and ready for duty.


Blade Length: 3.75 inches

Overall Length: 85⁄8 inches

Cutting Edge: 3.75 inches

Length Closed: 47⁄8 inches

Thickness: .140 Stock 5⁄32 inches

Blade Steel: N690Co

Blade Color: Black cobalt vanadium steel

Blade Hardness: RC 58-60

Handle Material: G-10

Handle Design: Patent pending titanium frame lock

Price: $219

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