Duty Gear: What's new in holsters?

The newest holsters for on-the-job carry.

5.11 Tactical

5.11's Revolution Holster is a secure level 1 retention holster, producing an audible click as your sidearm seats. With the look, feel, and fit of a custom holster, the resilient Revolution Holster offers high impact strength and withstands variable weather conditions, beyond 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the special slick-surface polymer doesn't wear the finish of your gun. Positive lock trigger guard and adjustable tension screws are standard. Each holster is built for lifetime performance and comes with an adjustable belt loop and paddle. Crafted in the USA, the Revolution Holster is right-handed, comes in 14 styles, and accommodates 40 gun models.

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A.E. Nelson Leather Company

The model 806 holster from A.E. Nelson Leather Company features a reinforced rapid release thumb break and tension screw device to ensure a natural grip and draw. A deluxe belt lock system also works to keep the holster in place without damage to the belt. A jacket model belt loop, fully lined, and a sight path are also included. This level 2 retention holster, which holds the barrel 10 degrees to the rear, has a covered trigger guard, an adjustable tension device, and an open bottom. Available in natural, light brown, dark brown, cordovan, black, and clarino.

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Bianchi International, part of the BAE Systems Products Group, has added the new Model 7150 Luminator MCX duty holster to its AccuMold line of holsters and accessories. The holster features a rugged ballistic weave exterior with a closed-cell foam center and smooth nylon pack cloth lining, enabling a slick draw and the ability to withstand years of rigorous use. Designed for pistols with lights attached, the semi-closed bottom covers the bezel of the light to protect the lens. Additionally, the open muzzle design allows debris to fall through the holster, helping to protect the firearm's finish.

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Blackhawk's SERPA Auto Lock Duty Level 3 retention holster uses your natural drawing motion to release the weapon. When you re-holster, the SERPA Auto Lock System provides immediate security to increase officer safety. The holster is strengthened by injection molded carbon fiber composite construction, yet it is light in weight. Your weapon will stay secure because there are no snaps or hoods that will accidentally open. You can use the same drawing technique for undercover, tactical, and duty assignments.

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Boston Leather

Boston Leather's Guardian Hi-Rise model 5035 is a level 1 retention holster that is designed to fit the most popular model 9mm automatics including the Glock 17 and Glock 22. The holster is available in black or brown plain leather and black clarino. Made in the USA, the holster rides high for comfort and security and features a steel-reinforced thumb-break and recessed hardware that prevents scratching. This model has been made from top grain leather and full suede lining protects the finish and rear sight.

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DeSantis Holster and Leather Goods

With level 2 protection, the CIB MOLLE holster from DeSantis was designed for military operations outside of the wire. This holster can MOLLE onto an outer vest or any other 11-Bravo platform. It has been created to fit the M9 service sidearm with or without the silencer attached. Other features include the Redi-Lok primary retention system, a removable thumb break, a spare magazine pouch, and the adjustable MOLLE platform. The holster comes in various camo patterns and black.

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Don Hume Leathergoods

The newest addition to Don Hume Leathergoods' product line is the T Force-3 DS, which features a level 3 twist and draw system. The product also features a low-profile thumb break, middle finger release, an acrylic thermoplastic trigger guard release, and the trigger guard lock. All you have to do is activate the release snap and twist and draw in a straight up motion. This product is available in plain, basketweave, or hi-gloss finish.

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Eagle Industries

You can adjust Eagle's G-CODE GHE series Mark VI holsters to several carry modes. These level 2 holsters feature a trigger guard, a paddle actuated weapon release that disengages with a normal firing grip, and "Pro-Safe" tensioning. The "Pro-Safe" tensioning lets you adjust the holster to best fit your needs while also affording you an unimpeded firing grip for a quicker draw. The Mark VI holsters are created from single pieces of Kydex that are custom molded to fit your weapon. Made in the USA, these holsters are backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Gould & Goodrich

The all new K-Force Model 320 from Gould & Goodrich is a double retention duty holster. It features a compact body and tough molded sight protector and patented mid-ride belt loop that will not ruin your duty belt. If assaults from the rear occur, dual trigger guard locks provide ample protection. Release is quick and easy with the forward-then-up draw. Wraparound construction with molded polymer laminate holds its shape with durability and still looks like fine leather. Smooth wicking suede lining protects the gun. The holster's design was created in collaboration with one of Gould & Goodrich's law enforcement agency clients.

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Model 6325 from Safariland is a new holster with an Automatic Locking System (ALS) that automatically locks a weapon into place once holstered. Locking the device is simple and is achieved with just the thumb. Release of the weapon is just as easy with the holster's retention device that requires no twisting. This level 1 retention holster features a Safari-Laminate thermal-molded construction and a drop Universal Belt Loop with a lower carry position that allows the holster to ride 30 millimeters lower on the duty belt. The holster is also offered for weapons with and without rail-mounted lights.

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Tactical Design Labs

Tactical Design Labs turned to a real police officer to build the lefthanded version of its "Professional" Real Performance Duty Holster. This model has enhanced ergonomics, with the same durability, injection molding for accurate fit, and stainless steel parts of the original. The holster has features rarely found in security holsters. Its finger tube allows the necessary standoff to access your weapon, even if you and the holster are pressed against a wall, the ground, or the console of your car. The holster's "offensive" ability can also break an assailant's finger against an attack on the officer's weapon. Its mounting system fits the standard 2.25-inch duty belt and is available in mid-ride or high-ride styles.

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Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement presents the new EVO3 Triple Retention Holster for light bearing pistols. To make sure the firearm stays locked in place until it's meant to be drawn, the holster comes with three-way security. The holster's internal locking system provides a snug fit by engaging the ejection port and a spring-loaded retention hood. With just a touch of the finger, the locking device can be released, but stays inaccessible to everyone but the user. A modular design makes it easy to convert to a non-light bearing configuration. This model is now ready for the Glock 17 and 22 pistols. 

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