A Holiday Wish Book for Cops

This holiday season, the editors of POLICE decided to put together a gift-buying guide for people who want to buy gifts for cops. There's something for everyone in here, and there's nothing over $250 in our list. Have fun.

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Each year, Sears publishes a holiday catalog called the "Wish Book." It’s full of photos of lots of cool stuff and lots of happy girls and boys playing with that stuff. People get all gushy looking at that Wish Book. They are, after all, a catalog of childhood dreams.

This holiday season, the editors of POLICE Magazine and myself decided to try to put together a holiday buying guide for people who want to buy gifts for cops. We undertook this project because of several reasons: We know your loved ones read this magazine, too, and we know that you have to buy gifts for fellow officers.

While compiling this guide, we agreed on a couple of ground rules. We set a hard price ceiling of $250. We also decided to not include firearms, holsters, or uniforms. Most quality firearms cost more than $250. Holsters are really a very personal choice for a shooter and therefore not a good gift choice. And let’s face it, who really wants to receive a uniform as a holiday gift?

Note: Most of the companies listed below make a ton of items that would make suitable gifts for cops. We couldn’t include them all in this guide.


5.11 Tactical: Flannel-Lined Pants

Here’s a great idea: Tac pants that cops can wear in the winter. The flannel-lined 5.11 pants are basically the same great 5.11 tac pants with lots of pockets and rugged construction but with a warm flannel lining. They’re also great for off duty. Available in a variety of colors, the Tactical Flannel Lined pants list for $59.99

Want FreeInfo? Visit 5.11 Tactical online.


BlackHawk: Pants and Shirts 

Made of durable wrinkle-free 8.5-ounce cotton, BlackHawk’s Warrior Wear pants have loads of pockets for everything an officer needs to carry. They also have rubber strips on the waistband that keep a shirt from sliding out. Really cool. The long-sleeved Warrior Wear shirt is also made of comfortable wrinkle-free cotton, has loads of pockets, and other great features such as a document pocket. Both the pants and shirt are available with the Integrated Tourniquet System (ITS), which could save a cop’s life when seconds count. The pants list for $49 ($89.99 with ITS). The shirt lists for $46.99 ($79.99 with ITS).

Want FreeInfo? Visit BlackHawk online.


Execwear: Moisture Wicking T-Shirt

Here’s a great stocking stuffer. Execwear’s moisture wicking, odor resistant shirts are a favorite of military and police operators, not to mention athletes and pilots. The U.S. made shirts come in crew neck and V-neck versions. List price: $19.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit the Execwear online. 


Medalist: Silvermax T-Shirts

While the Medalist Silvermax may look like any other polyester undershirt, it is different. This shirt uses Silvermax technology to reduce odor. For a quick test when you wear a Silvermax garment, spray on your favorite cologne then put the shirt on; you won’t smell your cologne. This works so well Medalist is using Silvermax in a hunting line to eliminate human scent from hunters. Medalist makes an entire Silvermax base layer system. The undershirts are available in crew and v-neck models. List price: $29.99

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Medalist online


TRU-SPEC: 24/7 Series Pants

Most tac pants scream "cop." TRU-SPEC’s was designed to be a little more discreet. They also have such nice off-duty features as a wallet pocket to go along with all of the gear pockets. The expandable waistband ensures a comfortable but attractive fit. The double-reinforced knees can take the punishment that cops inflict on their off-duty clothes. List price: $44.99

Want FreeInfo?  Visit TRU-SPEC online.


X-Bionic: X-Underwear Shirt

X-Bionic made its mark in the mountaineering extreme sports world; tailoring clothing to move with the user and fit comfortably. These shirts have compression zones and channels to vent air. No it doesn’t make the wearer "cooler" but he or she won’t get that sticky under body armor feel. In addition, the shirt reduces irritation from rubbing and/or moisture build-up. List price: $120

Want FreeInfo?  Visit X-Bionic online.  


Galati International: 37-Inch Rifle Case

Galati International makes soft cases of numerous sizes to fit a wide variety of firearms from subguns to sniper rifles. I have a 37-inch model for my carbine. This case has been packed to and fro for many moons, and the rifle hasn’t suffered a scratch and the scope hasn’t been moved or dinged. List price: $79.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Galati International online


Maxpedition: Typhoon Gearslinger

A single shoulder pack with a waist strap for stability, the Maxpedition Typhoon Gearslinger has several outer pockets for storing small items such as lights, cell phones, cameras, and the like. The main pack can carry large notebooks or a hydration bladder. The small outer pockets are set up for pens, batteries, and other loose items. There is even a key hanger in the large outer pocket. There are also lashing straps for securing a jacket. List price: $106.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Maxpedition online


Uncle Mike’s: Tactical Rifle Case

I have been carrying my SIG Sauer 556 in a large Uncle Mike’s Tactical Rifle Case. It fits like a champ. There are outside pockets for five magazines so the user can simply grab and go for a callout or a trip to the range. The case has dual zippers for easy access to the weapon, and it can be carried using a shoulder strap or handle. List price: $34.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Uncle Mike's online.  


5.11 Tactical: Hawk Eyewear

5.11 Tactical turned to tactical trainer and former Navy SEAL Jeff Gonzales for help in developing its tactical eyewear line. The results can be seen in the Hawk, a classic split lens sunglass system. Hawk glasses have 2.2mm-thick polycarbonate polarized lenses for excellent ballistic protection and optical clarity. The frames are made of Pflex for flexibility and strength. List price: 59.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit 5.11 Tactical online.  


Revision Eyewear: Hellfly Sunglasses

Revision’s Hellfly ballistic sunglass is being worn around the world by operators of the U.S. military. It offers high-impact fragment protection, excellent optical performance, and 100-percent UV protection. Hellfly ballistic sunglasses are available in eight lens colors from clear to flame mirror. List price: $99.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Revision Eyewear online


Rudy Project: Rydon Glasses

Rudy Project’s Rydon glasses are offered as a set with a hard case and five lenses: Laser Copper, Action Brown, Clear, Yellow, and Racing Red. If you are in and out all day long, I’d also add a pair of clear Photochromic lenses; they work great. Note: These are sport sunglasses, and they do not offer ballistic protection beyond what a sport shooter would need at the range. List price: from $169.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Rudy Project online.  


Wiley-X: Talon Eyewear

Ballistic resistant to MIL-PRF 31013, the Wiley-X Talon offers excellent protection on the range and on duty. The Talon is a full shield system that comes with clear and smoke lenses for wear in a variety of lighting conditions. Prescription inserts are available. List price: $90.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Wiley-X online.  


Brownells: Glock Driver Set

Here’s a great Secret Santa or stocking stuffer gift for cops who carry Glock pistols. This tool set includes a nut driver for the front sight nut, a punch for the frame pins, another punch for magazine disassembly, a flat blade to push the mag catch aside, and two Allen bits for adjustable rear sights. List price: $19.97.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Brownells online


Brownells: AR Magazines

Brownells is a great source for little gadgets and accessories for a cop’s guns. Some of their best are these cool semi-transparent 10-, 20-, and 30-round polymer magazines for any .223 caliber AR-15. The lightweight mags have a self-lubricating nylon follower for smooth, reliable feeding. List price: from $19.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Brownells online


Command Arms: Bipod Vertical Grip

This is a great gift idea for any officer who owns a long gun with a Picatinny rail. I recently mounted this grip onto my AR, and I really like it. It’s a simple vertical grip with a bipod for supported shooting, prone or off a wall. The bipod is engaged by simply pushing a button. This is a truly versatile and useful vertical grip. Note: Command Arms has discontinued this line, but the grips are still available at excellent discount from distributors. List price: $99.99

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Command Arms online


GG&G: Tactical Forearm

This rail system is solid, locks into an AR’s existing hardware, and is secured with four screws to endure the harshest punishment. It features both Picatinny rails and rails that are smoother but textured for a solid grip. The set also has an offset rail to mount a light near the vertical grip, eliminating the need to use a light cable. List price: $215.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit GG&G online


Magpul: Polymer AR Magazines

Magpul makes its magazines from a proprietary polymer and they are virtually indestructible. There are no spot welds in its 30-round 5.56mm magazine to allow the follower to hang on and bind. The floor plate has a raised lip to make it easier to remove a stuck magazine should that happen. For cleaning, the floor plate is easily removed and goes back on in a snap. List price: $14.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Magpul online


Tactical Duostock: M4/CAR-15 Universal

This innovative CQB stock has two surfaces, one upper and one lower. The upper is just like any other stock; the lower is designed to be used with body armor and to roll on the top of the armor to give a solid shooting position. If you are buying a gift for a tactical officer, check this out. List price: $79.99

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Tactical Duostock online


VLTOR: EMOD Carbine Stock

The VLTOR Enhanced Modstock (EMOD) has a rubber recoil pad. Designed for use with CQB optics, the "Enhanced" in "EMOD" refers to the length of the stock. It is about one inch longer than the standard VLTOR Modstock. The stock also has tubular compartments for storing batteries, and there is a small compartment that an operator can use to store other small items. This stock also has an attachment for a quick release sling ring. List price: $125.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit VLTOR online. 


Insight Tech-Gear: Arcturus

The Arcturus is a 5.9-inch long, 1.3-inch diameter rechargeable LED flashlight. It produces 120 lumens of light, bright enough to illuminate a threat at 50 yards. With a runtime of two hours on full-power, the Arcturus has enough juice for just about any incident. The flashlight has constant, momentary, and strobe modes. List price: $149.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Insight Tech-Gear online. 


Pelican: 7060 Flashlight

Developed to meet the requirements of the Los Angeles Police Department, the Pelican 7060 is a rechargeable LED flashlight designed specifically for patrol officers. The 8.6-inch-long light pumps out 130 lumens and has a runtime of about 90 minutes. Recharging time is about five to six hours, and the recharger comes with the light. The 7060 is octagonal so it won’t roll, and it also has machine checkering to give the user a better grip. One very unusual feature on the 7060 is the dual activator system. It can be operated by a switch on the tailcap and one on the body of the light. List price: $199.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Pelican online. 



If you need a really versatile illumination tool, I’d recommend the Safariland RLS. The Rapid Light System can be used as a handheld light, and it mounts on any handgun with a light rail or long gun that has a Picatinny rail. It uses three AAA batteries, runs for up to 50 hours on a set, and gives the user 65 lumens of light past 300 feet. List price: $149.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Safariland online


Streamlight: Super Tac

This year Streamlight responded to the request for more powerful lights with the Super Tac. Operating on two CR123A batteries, the Super Tac gives the operator 135 lumens of light. Using C4 LEDs, the runtime of this light is more than three hours. Though not much bigger than Streamlight's Stinger, the Super Tac has a slightly larger bell-shaped reflector that looks a bit weird but serves to keep the LEDs cooler during long runtimes. List price: $107.96.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Streamlight online. 


SureFire: G2-LED Flashlight

The old tactical saw says that if you need one flashlight, you need two. SureFire’s G2-LED is an excellent backup flashlight. This little light fits in the palm of an adult hand, but it generates 80 lumens of light and has a remarkable 12-hour runtime. Comes with two CR123A lithium batteries. List price: $69.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit SureFire online. 


TigerLight: T100

Most small flashlights make poor weapons. The TigerLight T100 is designed to be a defensive weapon. The fist-sized light features a bright LED system on one end and packs an OC punch at the other. It’s a great off-duty or on-duty less-lethal tool. The T100 has two switches and seven modes of operation: two levels of white light, a red beam, a momentary mode, and a strobe mode. A separate trigger fires the OC. List price: $89.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit TigerLight online. 


5.11 Tactical: XPRT Patrol Boot

Available in tactical and patrol models, 5.11’s XPRT (Extreme Performance for Rapid Tactics) is an eight-inch boot constructed of leather and nylon. It features a Sympatex waterproof-breathable membrane and a moisture-wicking and anti-microbial lining. The XPRT boots are designed to be as comfortable as running shoes, but they are very rugged. One key feature is the patent pending 5.11 Kick Toe, a toe impact shield formed from a high-strength composite. List price: $179.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit 5.11 Tactical online. 


BlackHawk: Light Assault Boot

Part of the Warrior Wear line of apparel, outerwear, gloves, and footwear, BlackHawk’s Light Assault Boot is a lightweight but rugged duty boot built on an athletic shoe platform. Featuring a lightweight, breathable nylon mesh and microfiber upper and a Vibram sole, it’s comfortable out of the box with no break-in period. Laces are secured and tightened with an injection-molded lack lock system. List price: $169.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit BlackHawk online. 


Danner Boots: Striker II DXTVent

Designed to be as comfortable as an athletic shoe, Danner’s Striker II DXTVent is a lightweight but rugged boot. The midsole is made of shock-absorbing polyurethane with a visible carbon fiber arch support. In addition, the boot incorporates breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics that are designed to keep the wearer’s foot cool during long shifts. It’s an excellent boot for officers who work in warmer climes or for spring and summer wear in cooler regions. List price: $139.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Danner online. 


Magnum USA: Stealth Force

Magnum’s new Stealth Force boots are an update of the company’s popular Stealth line. Available in six-inch and eight-inch versions with and without side zippers and in men’s and women’s models, the boots have full-grain leather accents and non-metallic safety toes. Exclusive to the line is Magnum’s X-Traction Zone outsole that provides a targeted grip to different sections of the foot during different activities. List price: from $105.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Magnum USA online. 


Original S.W.A.T.: Air M.T. Tactical

Original S.W.A.T.’s Air M.T. Tactical is a nine-inch boot with a side zipper for easy on and off, a waterproof liner, oil- and slip-resistant outsole, and air cushion injected midsole. One of my co-workers can testify that the boots are truly waterproof; he wore them working traffic duty in torrential downpours and his feet stayed dry. List price: $114.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Original S.W.A.T. online


UK Gear: XC-09 Training Shoe

The UK Gear XC-09 was built for German Federal Armed Forces to serve as their issue PT shoe. The sole gives good traction on mild to moderate off-road conditions, something a lot of running shoes don’t do. It also has more lateral support than your average name brand highly advertised running shoe. I found these shoes to be nicely cushioned and very stable. While they are a running shoe, these shoes were built for military physical training, so they also have to endure lifting weights, kick boxing, and other stressful workouts. Having served in Germany and trained with the German Army, I can tell you their PT is tough. So is their workout shoe. List price: $90.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit UK Gear online. 


Rocky: S2V Boots

Rocky’s S2V boots draw their unusual name from the motto of the U.S. Navy SEALs, "Stealth plus silence equals victory." The boots have 1,000-denier Cordura nylon sides and panels treated with flame retardant. The sole is a proprietary high-walled design constructed of Vibram for improved traction and stability on all terrains. A Dri-Lex lining wicks away moisture. For comfort, the S2V boots feature a cushioned, perforated footbed and polyurethane mid-sole. List price: $139.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Rocky online. 


Under Armour: Proto Power II

Under Armour’s Proto Power II is the second generation of the popular PT shoe, lower cut and lighter in weight than the first Proto Power. The sole is designed to give the wearer grip on a wood surface or carpeting yet be durable on the road. The side panels are mesh, and the Heat Gear moisture transport system keeps feet cooler and drier. The Proto Power II is stable when doing quick lateral movements, and it is flexible when toeing off. These shoes also have the "looks good" factor. I chose the white and black version; there is a black and graphite version if you prefer darker footwear. List price: $99.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Under Armour online. 


5.11 Tactical: Centurion Patrol Gloves

The basic patrol model in the 5.11 glove line, the Centurion is an excellent duty glove. Made from soft but tough deerskin, Centurion gloves have a Coolmax lining to keep hands cool and dry. The gloves also have 5.11’s TacticalTouch design. TacticalTouch means that a solid piece of leather or material forms the palm and underside of the fingers and wraps up and over the fingertips, leaving the pads of the wearer’s fingers free of seams for better dexterity. List price: $39.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit 5.11 Tactical online. 


BlackHawk: CRG1 Patrol Gloves

BlackHawk’s Warrior Wear CRG1 gloves are cut resistant with Kevlar or Spectra liners. Both models have a pre-curved design that prevents bunching and a flexible neoprene/spandex shell for dexterity and tactility. They feature a built-in loop for easy pull-on or for attaching to a carabiner. All Warrior Wear gloves have adjustable Velcro wrist closures for a comfortable, secure fit. List price: $54.99 for Kevlar, $79.99 for Spectra.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit BlackHawk online. 


Wiley-X: TAG-1 Gloves

Wiley-X’s TAG-1 gloves incorporate Nomex and Kevlar for protection from heat and cuts. The palm and fingers are made from digital print Pittard’s leather that is tanned with Armortan Technology to increase grip, tactile sensitivity, and durability. To protect hands from impact, the gloves feature a double-leather palm and a molded knuckle protector. List price: $130.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Wiley-X online


Gerber Knives: Gator II Folder

Gerber’s Gator II drop point folding knife is an excellent and inexpensive patrol knife. It gets its name from the texturing on its grip, which resembles alligator skin. The grip is not for aesthetics; its texture makes it much easier to keep a solid hold on the knife in high-stress situations. Also available with a tanto blade. List price: $54.60.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Gerber online


KA-BAR: FIN Folder

Available with a variety of blade styles such as serrated and tanto, the KA-BAR FIN folding knife was designed by Peter Janda to have a thin profile but a rugged feel. The 2.75-inch stainless steel blade locks open with a frame lock device. The KA-BAR FIN has an overall length of almost seven inches. List price: $84.09.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit KA-BAR online. 


Kershaw: Blur Folder

Made in the United States and designed by Ken Onion, the Blur gets its name from its assisted opening SpeedSafe feature. The nearly 3.5-inch blade is available with and without serrations. For a secure grip, the anodized aluminum frame is outfitted with Trac-Tec inserts. The blade is S30V stainless steel for toughness and ease of sharpening. List price: $94.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Kershaw online


Zero Tolerance: Model 0200 Folder

Holiday shoppers looking for a high-end patrol blade, may want to check out the Model 0200 folding knife from Zero Tolerance (ZT). Designed by Ken Onion, the Model 0200 has a G-10 handle, a nearly four-inch matte black 154CM stainless blade, and ambidextrous thumb studs for opening. It’s a solid, well-made knife for the discriminating user. List price: $160.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Zero Tolerance online


5.11 Tactical: Tactical Fleece

The Tactical Fleece from 5.11 has side zippers to fit over an officer’s gear, and abrasion-resistant shoulders, elbows, and collar. Like all 5.11 apparel it also has numerous pockets. These include hidden chest pockets, hand warmer pockets, and pockets built to carry small duty stuff. Officers can put this fleece under a duty jacket and keep warm on some of the coldest days. It also looks good enough and is discreet enough to wear out on the town. List price: $109.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit 5.11 Tactical online


Elbeco: Summit Duty Jacket

A great all around duty jacket, Elbeco's Summit is both waterproof and breathable. The shell is made of three-ply textured Taslan with a HIPTEX 3000 waterproof membrane. Other features include a full zip out Thinsulate liner and a 360-degree telescopic removable sleeve system. The Summit duty jacket is completely machine washable. List price: $150.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Elbeco online


The Force: Lite FX

I found the Lite FX from The Force to be an excellent high visibility vest. This vest is lightweight, comfortable, and fits over the bulkiest of clothing. It closes using hook and loop technology (Velcro). More importantly with its Hi-Viz yellow color and front and back 3M silver reflective striping this vest really makes an officer much more visible. List price: $30.95.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit The Force online


Propper: Defender Jacket

Propper’s Defender jacket is your standard police uniform jacket. It has a 100-percent nylon shell that is both waterproof and breathable. This all-weather jacket also has a quilted insulated liner with detachable sleeves. For gear and stuff storage, the Defender has cargo pockets secured by top flaps. List price: $134.99.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Propper online


Benchmade: 1100 Series Pens

Benchmade’s 1100 series pens are removable cap writing instruments that come in a variety of different body colors. Made of CNC-machined anodized aluminum, the pens have internal O-ring fittings and stainless steel clips. The U.S. manufactured pens also feature non-reflective components for tactical applications. Ink cartridges are manufactured in blue and black by Fisher Pen Co. List price: $120

Want FreeInfo?  Visit Benchmade online.  


SureFire: Tactical Pen

Made of anodized aerospace grade aluminum, SureFire’s Tactical Pen is more than a writing tool. But it’s a great writing tool. The pen comes with a Schmidt Technology easyFLOW ink cartridge, but it’s also adjustable. It can accommodate any ink cartridge between 3.875 inches and 4.25 inches long. Made in the United States, the retractable point pen features a rounded window tailcap designed for breaking windows. List price: $125.

Want FreeInfo?  Visit SureFire online. 


Where to Buy

This article lists full retail prices for each of these gifts. You can buy many of them at substantial discount through police supply companies and distributors, including:

Amchar Wholesale, www.amchar.com

Amron International, www.amronintl.com

Brigade Quartermaster, www.brigadeqm.com

Barney’s Police & Hunting Supplies, www.mycopshop.com

Central Police Supply, www.centralpolice.com

Cheaper Than Dirt, www.cheaperthandirt.com

Copquest.com, www.copquest.com

Express Police Supply, www.expresspolicesupply.com

Major Surplus & Survival, www.majorsurplus.com

Officerstore.com, www.officerstore.com

Streicher’s Police Equipment, www.streichers.com

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