Police Product Test: The Force Special Ops Cargo Pants

Today, agencies are transitioning to uniforms that serve more than one function. The Force Special Ops Cargo pants are a fine example of pants that can multi-task.

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Times have changed when it comes to uniforms. In many agencies, gone are the days of the wool/polyester pants with the outer leg braid. Today, agencies are transitioning to uniforms that serve more than one function. The Force Special Ops Cargo pants are a fine example of pants that can multi-task.

The Special Ops Pants are available in black, brown, navy, and silver tan to meet your department's color requirements. The fabric is tough, color fast, and wears well. And if you take them out of the dryer they are truly wash and wear. While I didn't subject them to crawling through mud and such, day-to-day spills and stains from coffee, soda, and ketchup washed right out. This is something that can't be said for other pants on the market.

I found the Special Ops Pants to fit and feel good on. They are cut to fit through the seat and thighs, giving you freedom of movement whether you are sitting, kneeling, or contorting your body while working. I even found the pants to be comfortable while on a couple of four-hour road trips.

No matter how much gear you have, the Special Ops Pants has pockets galore to carry all of your stuff. There are two cargo pockets, two hidden calf pockets, as well as front slash and rear pockets. The cargo pockets lay flat when not filled with stuff and this makes the pants look good for duty, while giving you a place to carry or stow magazines during training or working on a tactical team.

I found The Force's Special Ops pants to work well for duty, training, and general casual wear. They don't scream "cop" and are designed to be quality all around duty pants.

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5.11 Tactical: Rush 24 Pack

If you are looking for a company that has grown into a one-stop shop for soldiers, cops, and outdoorsmen, 5.11 Tactical is it. It wasn't all that long ago the company's product line consisted of just shorts and pants. Today 5.11 offers everything to outfit you from head to toe, in addition to numerous bags or packs to carry it all.

Since I like to carry my gear in a handy bag, I decided to look at the Rush 24 pack. This multi-function backpack will serve you well as a duty gear bag, call-out bag, EMT pack, or a weekend getaway bag.

Like so many 5.11 products, the Rush 24 has an impressive array of pockets. Its main pocket is approximately 18 inches high, 12 inches wide, and four inches deep to carry larger gear. Inside are three mesh pockets to separate items such as gloves, energy bars, etc., and a drawstring pocket for other items you desire to have quicker access to. There are also two outer zippered pockets. The top one is divided to secure small items such as a PDA or digital camera, while the lower pocket has several dividers to secure radios, AR15 magazines, pens, etc., and two clip lanyards to secure your keys so they don't get lost in all of your duty stuff.

The outside of the Rush has numerous webbing straps to accommodate MOLLE accessories. I added a 6.6 pouch from 5.11 to carry a small first-aid kit for emergencies. I like the "Slick Stick" attachments, which are some of the fastest and easiest to use MOLLE attachments I have seen or used.

I like the Rush 24 because of the thoughtful layout of its pockets. Not only can you carry a lot of gear, but there is also a separate pocket to allow you to carry a 100-liter hydration pack. The drink tube can be fed out to the right or left side of the pack, depending upon your preference. Additionally, all the MOLLE webbing on the pack allows you to attach pouches to fit your needs and cinch straps allow you to carry a parka on the outside of the pack. The shoulder straps are nicely cushioned to make carrying your gear a snap.

5.11 Tactical's Rush 24 will serve most of us well for a duty bag. If you need to carry everything including the kitchen sink, check it out.

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Nite Ize: Flashlight Combo Upgrade

One of the most popular flashlights ever made is the Maglite. Of its many incarnations, the Mini Maglite that operates on two AA batteries is one of the most popular lights in the line. Now Nite Ize has found a way to improve upon the original.

See, the problem with the Mini Maglite is that it requires the operator to rotate the lamp to turn it off and on—not an easy thing to do wearing gloves or when your hands are wet. Nite Ize has solved this problem with an upgrade package consisting of an IQ Switch and an LED light that provides a longer battery life.

The IQ Switch gives you three power levels and two emergency strobes. It also has a mini LED built in, to aid you in finding the light in the dark. You also will receive a new lamp reflector because the LED is slightly wider than the standard light bulb.

I installed this combo upgrade on my ancient Mini Maglite to see if it really does work as advertised. I'm here to say, it sure does. This user-installed upgrade gave my light an instant face lift. The LED assembly is bright and the switch is easily turned on and off with the touch of a finger.

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Spyderco Knives: Military Camo Folder

Since the first time I laid eyes on them I have been hooked on Spyderco Knives. You can clip them to your pocket and open them with one hand; compared to my original pocket knives this was high speed, low drag. Not only are these knives cool but they are well made, affordable, stylish, and seem to last forever.

This year the Military Camo carries on the traditions set by Spyderco's Military and Para Military models. The current version is made with ACU pattern camouflage G-10 grips. This was done to make the knife more appealing to our brothers in arms, but I must say, the pattern looks good and I like it for duty myself.

Built to handle tough assignments, the knife's grips and frames are secured with three stainless screws and a fourth large one that acts as the pivot point. To reduce weight, the steel liner is abbreviated, running from the pivot to the last screw.

For ease of operation, the Military Camo uses a liner lock. This is a strong, easily unlocked/closed system. But until you've used it a bit, I suggest you take care when closing the knife lest you slice your thumb while doing so—or so I hear it can happen.

If you are looking for a new knife, Spyderco's new Military Camo should be on your short list. It is a serious knife built for serious use.

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