Active Shooter Response Gear

As patrol responds to more and more calls formerly reserved for SWAT teams, tools that equip these officers to handle violent incidents are increasingly important.

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5.11 Tactical

Select Carry Sling Pack

5.11 Tactical's Select Carry Pack offers the benefits of both a sling and a pack. It discreetly hides a submachine gun and a pistol. The detachable Pistol Pouch on the chest doubles as a fanny pack and contains a pistol/small electronics holder, an accessory pocket, and a mag/knife holder. The Pistol Pouch can also be purchased separately.

Use the Hot-Pull Tab for instant front pouch access. The padded main compartment safeguards your weapon and includes Hot-Pull Tabs for rapid gun deployment and a web platform interior to attach 5.11 VTAC pouches. The pack features a built in Back-Up Belt System, web platform panels, and a loop-sided Velcro ID panel sized for an LE identifier patch (sold separately). On the back is a pocket for a hydration bladder or-if extra protection is desired-a custom-made ballistic panel.

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Baker Ballistics


A scaled down version of the popular BatShield, Baker's PatrolBat offers a solo law enforcement officer extensive ballistic coverage. It defeats multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun, and pistol caliber sub-machinegun threats, and because it's compact and foldable it can be easily carried in a patrol car in the trunk or passenger seat until it's needed.

The Level IIIA shield allows the primary user to have both hands on standard law enforcement weaponry and to easily transition between handguns and long guns. A distinctive bungee lanyard and hand support system carries weight, enhances balance, and eliminates any tendency for the PatrolBat to rotate. It comes with a standard ID banner showing "POLICE" or "SHERIFF." Options include a patrol seatpak carrier, a soft carry case, a custom ID banner, and an LED light system.

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Instant Armor

1st Responder Tactical Blanket

Instant Armor's 1st Responder tactical blanket is portable by one officer and easily fits in the trunk of a cruiser. It can be deployed by two officers in less than 2.5 minutes and by one officer in less than four minutes to provide Level IIIA protection.

You can attach blankets to each other to create a "wall of protection" and even hang them from an SUV or other high point via rope through loops at the top of the blanket. No special tools are required and the blanket includes a one-inch ballistic overlap on adjoining panels. You can also replace individual panels that have been damaged by gunfire.

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Flex Shield Ballistic Barrier

Patriot3's Flex Shield was designed to meet the requirement for compact, lightweight, and rapidly deployable Level IIIA protection. Its design allows it to be rolled into a compact size and stored in patrol vehicles with limited space. It weighs 11 pounds and measures 24x45 inches when fully deployed, 24x8 inches when rolled up.

Flex Shield deploys by pulling a release tab allowing the shield to drop with gravity and it's usable instantly in its Flex-Mode. It can be handled in Flex-Mode by an officer or placed over a vehicle door/windshield where it conforms to the vehicle's surface for more complete coverage. Stiffening rods can be inserted to make Flex Shield rigid for more traditional shield operations.

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Ballistic Ticket Board

Cops making traffic stops need all the protection they can get. And that's the idea behind Pro-gard's Ballistic Ticket Board. The clear polycarbonate ticket board comes in two ballistic levels: Level I will stop three rounds of 9mm FMJ at 15 feet; Level II will stop three rounds of .357 Magnum soft point at 15 feet.

The board weighs 3.4 pounds, and features horizontal and vertical cutouts for holding driver licenses and an ergonomically placed handle.

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Strike Shield

Developed to address the growing need for ballistic protection during active shooter/first responder operations, Safariland's ProTech Strike Shield is designed with a distinctive flexible soft panel that allows it to be rolled up and stowed in a small carry bag for easy storage and portability yet capable of quick deployment when needed.

Available in black and O.D. green, the type IIIA shield's outer cover features an optional plate pocket which could be used to add Type III or IV hard armor rifle threat protection. The shield's ballistic material is comprised of a lightweight woven Aramid ballistic fiber and is wrapped in a heavy-duty, heat sealed and water-resistant panel cover. These features make the STRIKE shield lightweight, flexible, and high performing.

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Tactical & Rescue Gear

Concealed Shield

The U.S. patent pending Concealed Shield looks like and is used as an everyday computer and/or satchel bag. Yet in seconds, it opens up into a ballistic vest that provides frontal protection from the waist up. Pull the neck strap over your head and lock the waist belt with its quick connect buckle and you have a secure ballistic product that will move with you.

There is also a tear away panel that provides instantaneous access to a weapon of your choice and a number of other items such as OC/ Pepper spray, additional magazines, handcuffs, knives, radios, identification, or anything else you might use for self defense. All Concealed Shields are available with a DOJ certified level IIIA insert. A hidden, quick pull down ID panel is available. 

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What gear do you have on hand to respond to active shooter incidents? Tell us in the comments.

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