POLICE-TREXPO East 2010 Report from the Aisles

Each year at POLICE-TREXPO, the trade show and exposition attracts some of the leading manufacturers of tactical products and vehicles. This year's show was no exception. The aisles were packed with innovative and intriguing new tools and machines. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

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Each year at POLICE-TREXPO, the trade show and exposition attracts some of the leading manufacturers of tactical products and vehicles.

This year's show was no exception. The aisles were packed with innovative and intriguing new tools and machines. Here's a look at some of the highlights.



MK63 Trident

The Aegis MK63 Trident is a multi-faceted less-lethal weapon system. Constructed of a hard impact plastic, the device is an impact weapon, a stun weapon, and a pepper spray delivery system. "The MK63 is the first tool to offer officers a matrix of full-dimensional intermediate force options in a single handheld device," says inventor Kenneth J. Stethem. The Trident features a neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI) system that is digitally controlled and that incapacitates safely and non-invasively. The NMI system has been independently tested and the results have been published in peer-reviewed journals, according to Aegis. Three CR123A lithium batteries power the NMI device, the 135-lumen light, and the laser.


Advanced Innovation & Mfg.

Manta Rails

Made of a soft flexible material, the Manta Rail system is designed to cover Picatinny rails on long guns. The Manta Rails not only improve the tactile feel of the weapon, making it easier to hold during an operation, they also protect critical systems like light and laser switches. The Manta Rails have wire channels that allow them to be clipped over laser sight and light wires. They also have internal pockets to protect light and laser sight switches and prevent accidental activation. A variety of Manta Rails are available, including vertical grip models, wire management models, and full rail covers.



T.R.A.C. Vehicle

Dolmen promoted its Tactical Response Armored Car (T.R.A.C.) during POLICE-TREXPO East. The T.R.A.C. is essentially an armored steer loader that's been modified to make it a tactical tool. With a top speed of 12 mph, this tracked vehicle is not going to break any speed records, but this machine is designed to move SWAT officers into position not keep up with freeway traffic. The T.R.A.C. is a true all-terrain vehicle that can carry seven fully equipped operators, depending on configuration. Attachments include a raisable platform for inserting officers above the second floor, a grapple for moving vehicles, and a breaching ram.  


Emissive Energy

Inforce Flashlight

Emissive Energy's Inforce is a new concept in law enforcement flashlights. Because of their ultra-lightweight carbon fiber construction, the Inforce lights are extremely easy to carry. Each Inforce light also features Emissive Energy's TIROS optical system for high efficiency and improved on-axis illumination. Another great feature of the Inforce lights is their heat vents. Anyone who has used an LED flashlight for an extended period of time knows that they can get very hot. The heat vents on the Inforce keep the flashlight tubes cool to the touch. Designed for the military, Inforce lights are available in sand or grayish black and in palm-sized or duty-sized models. In addition, buyers can choose a white light model or one with color LEDs: red for preserving night vision, blue for fluid detection, green for map reading, and infrared for use with night vision equipment. Using Emissive Energy's attachments, the Inforce light can be easily fitted to long guns.


Mobile Concepts

Purpose-Built Vehicles

Vehicles are always some of the most interesting products at POLICE-TREXPO and this show was no exception. Some of the more intriguing vehicles on display were the Purpose-Built designs by Mobile Concepts. Available in motorized and towable models, the Purpose-Built vehicles are adaptable to a wide variety of law enforcement applications, including mobile command centers, crime scene investigation, DUI enforcement, disaster response, terrorism response, and surveillance. The roofs are reinforced for equipment mounting and Mobile Concepts fits out each vehicle with electronics and secure storage to meet the needs of the customer.


North American Rescue

Field Trauma Kits

North American Rescue makes a wide variety of field medical kits for law enforcement. At POLICE-TREXPO East, the company displayed its Range Trauma Kit, Tactical Rapid Deployment Kit, and K9 Tactical Field Kit. Each kit includes items such as tourniquets, gloves, shears, gauze, antiseptics, all in an easy-to-carry 1,000-denier nylon pack. The rangemaster pack is red; the other packs are available in black, foliage, coyote, and digital camo. All of the packs feature MOLLE connectors.


Oshkosh Defense

Tactical Protector Vehicle

On the show floor and during the range event, Oshkosh Defense showed its new Tactical Protector Vehicle (TPV). The TPV is built for urban operation. It's not as big as some SWAT vehicles, so it can move down city streets more easily and into tighter confines. Despite its minimal footprint, the TPV has space for four to eight fully equipped tactical officers, depending on seating configuration. Two distinct body styles of the TPV are available: the Transport model and the Utility model. Both are built on Ford F550 chassis with 325-horsepower turbocharged V-8 engines. Four-wheel drive is available. Buyers can specify NIJ-certified armor protection up to Level IV.



XPS-G2 Shield

Patriot3's XPS-G2 is a mobile tactical shield that's ideal for active shooter response and a variety of other applications. The shield has foldable side "wings" that not only provide side protection for users but also collapse to allow it to be used in the narrowest of passages. Fully extended, the wings can provide NIJ Level III protection for three operators working abreast. Once in position, the operators can quickly break the system into four handheld shield, giving them great flexibility in a fight. Options include gun ports and lights.


RUAG Ammotec

Copper-Matrix NTF Ammo

RUAG presented one of the most stunning demonstrations of any product at POLICE-TREXPO East during the range event. To support a video that it had shown on the show floor, the company had one of its reps load a magazine full of frangible Copper-Matrix NTF ammo and blast away at a steel target from point-blank range. The completely non-toxic ammo is so frangible that shooters don't have to worry about back splatter. The ammo is formulated to disintegrate into small fragments upon impact with a hard steel surface.

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