December 2018

Cover Story

Hurricane Response: Weathering the Storm

By the time Florence blew into Wilmington, a city of around 100,000 people, she was much diminished. But then came the rain.


Flying Cross: External Carrier Compatible Outerwear

Flying Cross' DutyGuard HT Pullover is made to be worn under an external carrier. (Photo: Flying...

How do you create outerwear that protects officers from the elements in all types of precipitation, in both low and high temperatures, and provides access to gear when wearing an external carrier? Flying Cross solved this riddle with its DutyGuard HT Pullover.



Illustration: Sequoia Blankenship

It is tough to have effective training when the troops are not receptive to the message.


The Things You Carry

Every law enforcement officer's go bag contains staple duty gear items, and usually some highly...

Some of the personal objects officers report carrying on duty are sentimental in nature, but the majority of the "extra stuff" that they carry is duty gear that was personally purchased because the department did not issue it.