Publisher’s Note: Our Commitment to You

Through our magazine and website and our Police Technology eXchange event, we promise to provide you with information and access to resources to help you do your job safer and better.

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As the Publisher of POLICE and PoliceMag.com, I want to take a moment to express my unwavering support for the men and women who selflessly serve in law enforcement. While I may not personally wear the uniform, I am committed to standing by our officers and providing them with the resources they need to excel in their critical roles.

As law enforcement professionals, you face numerous challenges in your day-to-day work, and it is our duty at POLICE to support you to the best of our abilities. Through our magazine and website, we strive to create a platform that not only recognizes their sacrifices but also empowers them with knowledge, networking opportunities, and access to cutting-edge technology.

So I am thrilled to announce the relaunch of a unique and invaluable networking event, the Police Technology eXchange, scheduled for Sept. 18 through Sept. 20 in Kansas City, MO. This event is specifically designed for chiefs, sheriffs, and command staff members to provide them with a collaborative environment to share insights, explore innovative solutions, and discuss the pressing issues facing law enforcement today.

The Police Technology eXchange will serve as a platform where law enforcement leaders can connect with industry experts, technology providers, and colleagues, fostering a robust network that transcends boundaries and drives meaningful change. It is our firm belief that by facilitating these connections, we can empower law enforcement leaders to make informed decisions that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their departments.

To further demonstrate our commitment to supporting law enforcement leadership, we are offering full scholarships for qualified law enforcement leaders to attend the Police Technology eXchange. We believe that financial barriers should never hinder access to vital knowledge and networking opportunities. Interested individuals can apply for the scholarships directly on our website, www.PoliceTechnologyeXchange.com, where you will find detailed information about the event and the application process.

Qualified applicants who are selected to attend the Police Technology eXchange will receive roundtrip economy airfare to Kansas City, a two night resort stay at the Marriott Kansas City Country Club Plaza, ground transfers from the airport to the resort, and all schedules at no cost to them. Incidentals, including ground transportation to and from your home airport, baggage fees, and parking are not included.

By providing this opportunity for chiefs, sheriffs, and other command level officers to attend the Police Technology eXchange, we hope to foster an inclusive environment that encourages diverse perspectives and collaboration. We firmly believe that by bringing together the brightest minds in law enforcement and technology, we can accelerate progress and drive positive change in the industry.

Our commitment to supporting law enforcement professionals extends far beyond this event. We will continue to deliver high-quality content, insightful articles, and expert opinions through our magazine and website, ensuring that officers have access to the latest developments, best practices, and innovative solutions.

To all law enforcement professionals, know that we stand by your side and are here to support you. Your dedication, sacrifice, and commitment to upholding justice are deeply appreciated. Together, let us create a future where law enforcement is empowered by technology, collaboration, and unwavering support.

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