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Visit this blog for information about the high-tech tools of the trade such as rugged laptops, night-vision scopes, patrol video, robots and more.

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Officer Connectivity On Display at APCO

Photos by Paul Clinton.

On-body video systems, broadband LTE networks and hardware, P25 Phase 2 radios and even biometric monitoring systems are entering the market at a rapid clip to help law enforcement officers gather intelligence and quickly process that information in a command center.

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Connecting Smartphones To a Police Radio Network

Photo courtesy of Mike Bostic.

Raytheon has developed one of the nation's first strictly IP-based interoperable dispatch systems supporting smartphones and tablets working with Twisted Pair Solutions, a Seattle-based provider of mission-critical solutions for secure, real-time communication.

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Relying On the Cloud

Apple's Steve Jobs demonstrates iCloud in June 2012. Photo via Netaberisha/Wikimedia.

Finding and prosecuting threats to our communities is one of the more important examples of knowledge work in the world today. There is a growing urgency for us to leverage these technology trends within the law enforcement community.

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LPR Protects Officers and the Public

Photo courtesy of Vigilant Solutions.

Since our country's founding, personal freedoms have been in constant battle with the protection of the greater good. That battle continues today in Los Angeles as some privacy rights groups attempt to limit the tools that law enforcement uses every day to keep the public safe.

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4 Useful Law Enforcement Apps

Screenshot via Purple Forge.

As smartphones and other mobile devices become more prevalent in law enforcement, officers search for reference apps that quickly bring actionable information to the field.

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Twitter Comes of Age for Law Enforcement

Twitter Comes of Age for Law Enforcement

One of the most lasting lessons that came out of the way law enforcement handled the Boston Marathon bombing came in the Twitterverse, where the Boston Police Department provided a clear beacon for using the social media platform.

Blog Post

Why Is Public Safety Behind the Tech Curve?

Photo via FutUndBeidl/Flickr.

When was the last time you went as a consumer to a software store, bought a disk, took it home, and installed it on your computer or mobile device? If you’ve done this recently, savor the memory because this mode of delivering technology on physical disks is rapidly going extinct.