Evolution of the Thug

A mutation of the noble Neanderthal, the Thug neither hunted nor gathered but found it easier to take by violence someone else's gatherings and someone else's sexual mates.

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In the primal dark before the dawn of modern Homo sapiens, the "Thug" was born. A mutation of the noble Neanderthal, he neither hunted nor gathered but found it easier to take by violence someone else's gatherings and someone else's sexual mates.

Often addicted to the ritual smoking of dinosaur droppings (that's why they call it "shit") and dressed in the most bizarre ornate animal skins, the Thugs formed defensive and later predatory groups called "gangs." The formation of these groups was due primarily to their inferior genetics, resulting in a smaller brain and the lack of social coping skills. The Thugs' shortcomings necessitated the formation of their own tribal groups, customs, and cultures, since as a species they were unable to compete with more advanced evolutionary primates.

In these early ages, one could commonly find the Thug smoking droppings and drawing graffiti on cave walls. And this lazy species would have gone into extinction except for one thing. The Thugs proliferated because they were very attractive to the females of the dominate species. The females seemed to prefer the rough rebellious casual mating rituals practiced by the Thugs over the industrious family building and loyal tribal customs of the Neanderthals.

Over the centuries, the Thugs continued to mutate and yet avoid any real evolutionary advancement. Always at the edge of the civilizations they preyed upon, they perfected their predatory animal-like wolf- or ratpacking hunting style. Only their weaponry and body adornment advanced with civilization. For some twisted reason, probably the competition for the females, the non-thugs began to imitate the bizarre clothing styles and primitive speech patterns of the Thugs.

No one race or culture can claim the Thug as its own. Anthropologists have found evidence of the primitive thug in the ruins of every culture that they have helped to destroy. Ancient China, Africa, Europe and Mezzo-America all were the spawning ground and home to the Thug.

Today statistics report that there are approximately 850,000 Thugs in 31,0000 gangs in the United States. In California alone there are approximately 300,000 Thugs in 2,000 gangs, and as many as 150,000 Thugs in 1,000 gangs in Los Angeles County.

Although small bands of thugs exist worldwide today, North America seems to be the Thug's preferred habitat. In fact, one can find almost every mutant variation of the Thug species and Thug gangs in great abundance in close proximity to the fossilized remains of dinosaurs, mastodons, and saber tooth cats in the famous La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

Although the Thug species is almost completely criminally and culturally the same throughout the earth, Thug gangs separate themselves by minute geographic and racial differences. Among the Los Angeles African-American Thugs, there are more than 200 warring gang tribes calling themselves "Crips" with more than 17,500 identified members. A smaller but more cohesive African-American coalition of Thug gangs calls themselves "Bloods." There are more than 70 Blood tribes with more than 7,200 members in Los Angeles County. One of the principles that apply to the whole Thug species can be illustrated with an acronym that can be formed by the name of the Thug gang: CRIP (Cowards Run in Packs).

Probably the earliest recorded accounts of organized Thug gangs occurred in China where modern human civilization began. Today law enforcement has identified more than 80 Asian Thug gangs in Los Angeles with more than 2,500 members.

This number is deceiving because the Asian Thugs are chameleon like and mimic the non-thugs by camouflaging themselves to look like common industrious Homo sapiens of various Asian cultures until they are ready to attack. Once they form into their predatory ratpacks, they assume the normal intimidating Thug appearance. This has led to the belief by some anthropologists that the Asian Thug is extinct. They are not extinct; they are just more difficult to identify.

The Asian Thug is also very mobile and has been known to migrate hundreds of miles to find its prey. As with all Thug species they primarily victimize their own culture and race.

Los Angeles also claims 20 Caucasoid Thug gangs with only about 1,000 identified members. As with other endangered predatory species, the smaller the number the more violent and vicious the group must be to survive. Hate speech, music, and adornments clearly identify these white Thug gangs. Heavy body tattooing, shaved heads, and colorful banners are also common with these groups. They often dress with sagging pants, smoke drugs, and speak in a crude manner common to other ethnic Thug groups, yet the white Thug claims to be different. This is one of the fastest growing Thug lifestyles in the U.S.A.

By far the largest Thug tribes in Los Angeles County are Hispanic. The first modern Hispanic Thug gang in Los Angeles was the "Alpine Street Gang" founded in 1909. Today, there are more than 530 traditional turf-oriented Hispanic Thug gangs with more than 53,000 active gang members. Many of these gangs are in constant rivalry and battle in the concrete and asphalt jungles of L.A., but the Latino thug groups put away this rivalry and become united in a coalition called "Sureños" when captured and confined in prison.

Latino Thugs are responsible for most of the approximately 600 gang murderers in Los Angeles every year. Mexican and other Central American Hispanic Thugs illegally migrate across the border by the thousands to become members of rival L.A. Hispanic Thug gangs. Thus the common call: "Mi Casa Es Tu Casa."

Many social anthropologists and sociologists believe that being a member of a Thug gang is a rite of passage for all youth, and this is a juvenile problem and that teenagers grow out of it as they mature. However, in Los Angeles the average gang Thug is 22 years old.

The gangs do sometimes utilize younger Thugs called "Baby Gangsters" to do some of the shooting, but the average age of a L.A. Thug shooter remains about 20. The average age of the victim is 21 years old. Some Thug members joined when they were only 10 or 12 and are now 50 or 60 years old. This suggests that this is not just a passing phase.

Of the 160,000 inmates currently in California's 33 prisons, 65,000 are Thug gang members. Outside of captivity, less than 10 percent of the populations of any society ever evolve into Thugs but even five percent can be responsible for as much as 70 percent of all crime in society. 

Today's Thug has become criminally sophisticated. He is armed with the best weapons and lawyers, connected to major drug cartels, unlimited financially, and technologically equal to or even better equipped than law enforcement. The Thug uses ballistics vests, assault weapons, cell phones, criminal web sites, video countersurveillance, and counterfeit identification.

Yet many Homo sapiens love Thugs and Thug culture. The ridiculous Thug clothing styles and crude gang slang are now universally popular among young Homo sapiens. There are popular gangster Thug video games and action figures and popular Thug gang music and magazines. Suge Knight, Fat Joe, and Snoop Dogg are American idols.

Thugs abuse women. Females of the species often are involved in a slow ritualistic suicidal lifestyle. Women often at first think the Thug is "cute" like the Fonz or James Dean. They name their offspring after infamous Thugs and dress their babies like Thug gang members. Some even abandon all maternal instincts and tattoo the child to mark him or her ritually as a Thug. Later when abandoned by the sperm donor Thug after having his baby, they continue to sacrifice their own life and welfare and that of their children to help the Thug. They spend their paychecks and welfare checks to make his bail and support him in prison. The children of Thugs often grow up to continue this sad cycle.

Thugs don't produce any meaningful work or contribute to any society in any way. They prey on their own culture and race and victimize the weak, the elderly, and children. They pump tons of toxic drugs into our cities and corrupt the system. They cost the rest of us millions of dollars every day, yet our sisters and daughters bear their children.

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