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Retired gang investigator Richard Valdemar taps his deep well of experience to tell you about how to combat gangs in your jurisdiction.

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The Mexican Mafia: Down But Not Out

Photo via World Series Boxing/Flickr.

Every time law enforcement thought that they had knocked out or retired the Eme organization, they found that the Eme came back again. The Mexican Mafia absorbed the blows and grew stronger.

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A Devil's Playground for Gang Members

Photo courtesy of Richard Valdemar.

The court transportation system is the first weak point. Did you know that 40% of all inmate escapes occur during transport? Any gang member who's spent any time in custody has practiced slipping out of handcuffs and shackles, and you can bet one or more of them carry jail-made handcuff keys.

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Gangsterish Athletes and Their Entourages

Photo via Aaron Frutman/Flickr.

Like so many lucky lotto winners, the same fame and financial fortune that helps them escape the ghetto contributes to bringing them down. This is especially true for success stories with gang backgrounds. The entourage of these celebrity gangsters always includes their gangster friends.

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A Path to Citizenship for Gangs and Terrorists

Richard Valdemar speaks in the U.S. Senate offices about Senate Bill 744 in April. Photo...

In April, I joined many other local, state, and federal law enforcement experts in Washington D.C. to voice opposition to the flawed amnesty bill misnamed as "The Border Security, Economic, Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act."

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Why We Should Hire Returning Veterans

Soldiers of Company B, 1st Battalion, 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne), stand in...

Like war, police work can be an ugly job. Like military service, it can be dangerous physically and psychologically. But who's better prepared to endure that crucible than our returning combat veterans?

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How One Gang Corrupted 13 Baltimore COs

BGF leader Tavon White taught fellow gang members how to seduce and corrupt female prison...

Anyone who has worked in the jail or prison for any length of time is probably aware of the psychological manipulation practiced by many sophisticated inmates and gangs. They commonly employ tactics designed as corruption ensnarement traps.

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A Gang Prevention Documentary Worth Watching

A Gang Prevention Documentary Worth Watching

"Operation Detour 2" tells the story about how easily young people, even good kids, can get seduced into the drug-trafficking world. How doing or receiving a favor from someone can hook you into the game. How drug use can subtly ensnare you and ruin your life.

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The Texas Prosecutor Murders

Kaufman County (Texas) District Attorney Mike McLelland was killed at his home. Photo via...

The murders of two Texas prosecutors has made safety a top concern for many prosecutors throughout the country. Prosecutors should start thinking about what to do to protect themselves from high-risk gang defendants.