The Reno Police Department has released dramatic bodycam footage a Jan. 8 shootout at an apartment complex that left a suspect and an officer wounded and another suspect dead.

After a five-minute introduction explaining there had been a report earlier that day of possible gunfire in the area over a parking dispute, the video switches to bodycam footage showing “Officer 1,” identified on a GoFundMe page as Sgt. Steve Mayfield, arrive on the scene, reports.

Sgt. Mayfield was wounded when he encountered two males in the courtyard. One of the suspects reportedly opened fire hitting Mayfield who returned fire.

A second officer, who was armed with a patrol rifle, came to Mayfield’s aid. He called for a tourniquet or belt to stop his partner’s bleeding.


Armed civilian woman provides cover for wounded Reno officer and his partner. (Photo: Reno PD video) -

Armed civilian woman provides cover for wounded Reno officer and his partner. (Photo: Reno PD video)

Three armed civilians from the apartment complex came out to support the officers.

Mayfield was shot three times—once in the abdomen and once in each leg—according to the GoFundMe campaign set up to help support his “family throughout Sergeant Mayfield’s lengthy recovery.”

The GoFundMe page reports, “Steve is progressing well and is out of the hospital and is currently at an inpatient rehabilitation center. Though Steve still has a long road ahead his spirits are still high. Steve and his family also wanted to thank everyone for their generosity and well wishes.”

Scott Kennedy, described by Reno PD as the shooting suspect, died on scene and he is shown with a rifle beside his body. Jeremiah Graham, the second suspect, sustained multiple gunshot wounds

“Jeremiah Graham was carrying an AR-15 style pistol,” Reno police said. He has been charged with three counts of a prohibited person in possession of firearm and four counts of possession of a firearm without a serial number.