Officers from the Lodi (CA) Police Department say they stopped an attack that gang members were planning to launch on rivals at the annual Halloween event in downtown over the weekend.

Lt. Sean Blandford told the Lodi News the department had information that a group of four armed individuals were planning to attend the Zombie Walk and Halloween Faire Sunday night Oct. 23.

“They weren’t there to shoot at random people,” he said. “They were there specifically to target rival gang members. So we arrived and watched for a little bit, and 20 minutes later, we saw a group of guys matching exactly what we were told walk by on the street.”

Officers attempted to stop the group in the post office parking lot on School Street, Blandford said, but one of them ran to a vehicle and fled the scene.

All four were arrested later that night. One was released without charges after he was found to be unarmed.