In a just released report, the National Fraternal Order of Police states, as of the end of July, 210 officers have been shot in the line of duty during 2022. This marks a 14% increase over officers shot on duty during the same timeframe in 2021.

The Monthly Update: Law Enforcement Officers Shot and Killed in the Line of Duty also reports there have been 46 ambush-style attacks on officers so far this year and these attacks have resulted in 71 officers being shot. Of those, 18 were killed.

The number of ambush-style attacks reported does not include the incidents where an officer was shot at but not struck by gunfire during an ambush-style attack. An “ambush-style attack” is defined as when an officer is struck by gunfire without any warning or opportunity to defend themselves.

Overall, through the end of July, nationwide 39 officers have been killed by gunfire.

The FOP report breaks down the numbers of officers shot on duty by state, with Texas and Arizona having the most officers hit by gunfire this year. In Texas, 19 officers have been shot through the end of July and in Arizona, 18 officers.

In eight states, 10 or more officers have been shot. In addition to Texas and Arkansas, those states include California (11), Georgia (11), Illinois (10), Kentucky (13), New York (11), and Pennsylvania (10).