VirTra, Inc. has received a nearly $700,000 contract agreement from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) for coverage on 59 VirTra simulators deployed in four separate locations.  

FLETC became a VirTra customer in 2019 and was the first customer to receive VirTra’s ultra-high definition 4K simulation systems. VirTra’s systems are located at FLETC facilities in Artesia, NM, Charleston, SC, Cheltenham, MD, and Glynco, GA. The 59 single screen simulators are used to train thousands of federal Police officers and agents.  

“We are proud of our partnership with FLETC and pleased to see their trainers embrace VirTra’s unique approach to effective training,” said Bob Ferris, chairman and co-CEO of VirTra. “We are honored by the thousands of officers from over 60 federal agencies given crucial training with VirTra’s systems. This new agreement reflects the value of our solutions and the success of our ongoing training partnership with FLETC.” 

The simulators and their associated hardware and software will be on an annual service plan that ensures up-to-date equipment, judgmental use of force and de-escalation scenarios, and skill drills. This includes updating software to the latest version and features as well as performing maintenance on hardware such as recoil kits and CEW devices. The period of contract performance will extend through 2026.