The Track N Go ATV/UTV Track System works on several different vehicles. The tracks mount directly on the wheel with a single bolt, no other anti-rotation devices required.

It only takes three minutes to install the whole system on a vehicle, and can be removed and re-installed as often as needed without any time constraints. This feature will allow for quick setup in emergency, search and rescue operations, for instance.

Track N Go uses a "flat" track with "closed sides" covered with plastic, which allows the tracks to "slide" sideways on snow when the vehicle is in a situation with strong lateral tilt. It allows the driver to better control the trajectory of their vehicle and avoid getting bogged down. The system can be installed on all mini 4x4 SUVs and trucks.

There will be a limited quantity available for Spring 2022 delivery. Customers can also reserve a system for a Fall 2022 delivery.

For more information, visit www.trackngo.com