A Sioux Falls, SD, resident got a surprise at her doorstep Tuesday afternoon when a police officer delivered her Arby’s DoorDash order.

In a Ring camera video that’s now gone viral on Tik Tok, the Sioux Falls Police officer can be heard saying the DoorDash driver had been arrested for “warrants he didn’t take care of.” So, the officer finished the delivery, reported Keloland.

“There’s a video that’s been going around. We had a report of an officer that was moonlighting as a DoorDash employee while on duty. That’s not exactly accurate,” said Officer S. Clemens, public information officer for the Sioux Falls Police Department, in a press briefing. “What happened is he had stopped a car nearby that address. The driver was ultimately arrested for a crime. The officer ended up taking the food and making that delivery on his own.”

Clemens said officers delivering food is not normal, but the department has received a lot of positive responses and comments since the delivery was captured on Ring.

“The little things like this, going above and beyond helping people out, is the thing that we do,” he said. “It’s those little things that officers do that can make a difference.”