A Tulsa Airport police officer was shot in the chest while wearing body armor Tuesday during a gunfight with a man who police say wanted to kill his wife. The suspect is in custody.

Tulsa police say it started at the arrival section of the airport around midnight.

According to investigators, a man believed his wife was cheating on him while she was in Houston and threatened to kill her once she landed in Tulsa.

The wife contacted Houston police before her flight and they contacted Tulsa police to make them aware of the threats, KTUL reports.

When she landed at the airport, police escorted her out to the car where her brother was waiting when the husband began shooting at the car from across the drop-off/pick-up lanes.

After the wife and brother drove away, police chased the suspect into the parking garage where a shootout with airport police began.

Police said 49-year-old Joseph Watson is receiving treatment at the hospital after being shot in the foot during the gun battle with officers.