The Los Angeles Police Commission Tuesday unanimously signed off on a proposed budget increase of $213 million -- or 12.11% -- for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

The City Council and mayor have final approval over the proposed increase.

The increase would take the LAPD's operating budget from $1.761 billion to $1.974 billion. In its proposal to the commission, the department said the increased funding would go to obligatory salaries and expenses, replacement of vehicles and existing electric vehicle leases, continued funding of existing technology and contractual obligations and other requests, KFI/CNS reports.

``When I accepted the nomination for president of the commission, I made clear that defund the police was not something I agree with ... public safety is the foundation of any municipality,'' Commission President William Briggs said. ``... We cannot afford to have a diminished and weakened police force.''

In a letter to the commission, Police Chief Michel Moore said the additional funding would allow the department to restore staffing levels to 9,800 sworn officers, up from the current 9,473.