After losing a third of its sworn personnel following the in-custody death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and riots, the Minneapolis Police Department is now looking to hire as many as 200 officers.

Commander Darcy Horn, who heads up the department's training division, says in May 2020, the department had 834 officers on the force — now there are 653. 

"We are looking to hire 160 to 200 officers," Horn told KARE

The department is actively seeking full-time recruits and lateral hires from departments across the state, paying anywhere from $31.45 to $40.74 an hour. 

"We're looking for those individuals that want to be a part of that movement and rebuilding the MPD; talking to people in the community and organizations throughout Minneapolis to help us recruit," said Horn. She went on to say, "The vote in November can show them that they have the confidence of the community to help."