The Los Angeles Police Department has issued a safety bulletin for parts of the city that have experienced an increase in crime, such as Melrose Avenue, the Jewelry District, nightclubs and high-end restaurants.

A trend of violent crime was perhaps never as high-profile this year as it was in September, with gunpoint robberies targeting customers and businesses along Melrose. The statistics have fluctuated since then with more officers patrolling the area, ABC7 reports.

The volatility has not totally eased, as proven on Saturday Nov. 6, when the LAPD says a man tried stealing from someone along a Melrose sidewalk. The victim, according to police, tried grabbing the gun. No one was hurt, but the LAPD says it was the wrong move.

"Cooperate with that person," said Chief Michael Moore. "There's nothing on your person that's worth your life."

The department also wants people, in general, to be aware of their surroundings, think twice about showing valuable jewelry and pay attention to any cars that may be following you - near Melrose or otherwise.

LAPD issued the safety bulletin in response to a trend in robberies in which people are being followed home or to their business.