FN's new 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher is an answer to requests from law enforcement officers and agencies to make key improvements to ergonomics and adaptability while extending service life, the company says.

“For nearly twenty years, FN has been in front of the ever-changing landscape of less lethal product development with the FN 303 Less Lethal Launcher,” said Charles “Bucky” Mills, senior director of law enforcement and federal sales for FN America, LLC.

“From the original FN 303, to the recent upgrade with the FN 303 Mk2 and now with the FN 303 Tactical released today, the constant evolution of our less-lethal product designs ensures users have the most versatile and innovative solutions to meet the dynamic needs of federal, state and local agencies," Mills added.

With the new, modular chassis system in the FN 303 Tactical, operators and armorers can quickly customize the buttstock, grip, and sighting systems. The included FN SCAR buttstock is adjustable for length of pull, cheek rise, and foldability, enhancing the ergonomics and sight alignment for patrol and civil disturbance unit officers. Optional stocks like the Drop-Down Folding Visor Helmet Stock can be changed out easily for officers wearing full riot gear. A telescopic PDW Stock can also be added for compact transport and close-quarters applications. A standard Mil-Spec A2-style pistol grip is included with the FN 303 Tactical Less Lethal Launcher but is fully interchangeable with aftermarket A2-style options. Fully adjustable polymer sights are mounted to a continuous Picatinny rail with 60 MOA of compensation to ease zeroing. The MIL-STD 1913 top rail accepts red dot sights and other sights and lights.

Upgrades to the air operating system improve handling of the FN 303 Tactical and cuts department maintenance in half. The new, shorter air tank and compact 7.6-inch barrel transfers the weight balance further back between the hands, allowing officers faster handling, sighting and less fatigue.

Built from lightweight, rugged polymer and driven by the new, compact, compressed air tank, the FN 303 Tactical delivers fin-stabilized projectiles with speed and accuracy. An optimized operating system doubles the service life of the FN 303 Tactical. Agencies can fire 5,000 projectiles before first routine maintenance is required. The fin-stabilized, .68-caliber FN 303 projectiles deliver optimum accuracy with maximum effectiveness and safety. Officers can quickly change projectiles from inert, marking impact, or irritant projectiles. The clear rear magazine cover allows officers to see the projectile type and remaining count in the 15-round magazine.

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