A 4-year-old child who went missing in Painesville, OH, Saturday morning was found in a fishing pond by police officers who rescued him and saved his life.

The child was reported missing around 7:40 a.m. from a home near the Painesville Recreation Park's fishing pond.

Police were searching the area when a call came in around 8:12 a.m. about a possible body floating in the pond.

"When officers arrived on the scene, the child was not initially visible due to debris on top of the pond. Officer Daniel Thompson and Sergeant Matthew Tycast observed air bubbles and a silhouette of a small person roughly twenty feet off the bank of the pond. A third officer on scene, Officer Chad Balausky, retrieved a throw rope for safety as the other officers entered the water to attempt rescue," police said.

After the child was pulled from the water, Thompson and Tycast administered first aid and performed CPR until Painesville Fire Department arrived on scene, News 5 reports.