A Marine Corps veteran and his German shepherd puppy helped police capture a suspect accused of injuring an officer during an attempted arrest and trying to break into several Scottdale, PA, homes on Wednesday.

The suspect reportedly tried to steal Edward Swingle's motorcycle.

Swingle, 31, said his military training kicked in, and so did the instincts of his 4-month-old puppy, Keeper.

“I said, ‘Keeper, get him,’ ” Swingle told TribLive.

The dog did, grabbing the suspect’s pant leg. After a struggle and argument on the front porch, Swingle said he let Keeper go after the suspect again. Swingle also retrieved handgun and saw Pandullo across the street trying to break into another house.

Swingle said he held Pandullo on the neighbor’s porch until police got there. Police said Pandullo kicked Swingle as he was being taken away.