Wisconsin Officer Joseph Mensah who resigned after becoming the subject of outrage from anti-police protesters after his third justified fatal shooting has been hired as a sheriff's deputy.  

Nearly two months after he resigned from the Wauwatosa Police Department, Mensah was sworn in as a Waukesha County deputy Monday. 

Waukesha County Sheriff Eric Severson confirmed the hiring to the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal Tuesday. 

"Mr. Mensah progressed through an extensive, thorough and exhaustive hiring process," Severson said in a press release. 

"While some have expressed concerns about Mr. Mensah’s past uses of force, I assembled a team who exhaustively reviewed Mr. Mensah’s previous work history. I have concluded ... that Mr. Mensah’s use of force was consistent with the Federal and State laws, Wisconsin training and uniformly applied police policy," Severson wrote.