A Missouri state senator has filed a bill that would make "doxing" a law enforcement officer a felony crime.

"It should not be a risk that they take on," said Dist. 34 State Senator Luetkemeyer.

Officers become victims of doxing when someone finds their personal information like an address or social security number and post it online to encourage harassment.

"They're not signing up for people to show up at their private residence and intimidate them and their spouse and the rest of their family. That's nothing that our law enforcement officers sign up for," Sen. Luetkemeyer told KQ2.

Luetkemeyer said a recent social media video of a police protest in Kansas City led him to file the legislation.

In the video, a protester can be heard saying, "We are going to start sharing things with your children's teachers. You don't think that we have extensive researchers? You don't think that we don't know where all y'all live? You don't think we don't know where your children go to school?"

Luetkemeyer's bill will start working its way through the state legislature when the lawmakers return for the General Assembly on January 6.