Federal law enforcement agencies are investigating a fire in Washington County, OR, that took place outside a law enforcement officer’s home Wednesday.

The fire was arson and burned a vehicle, according to a spokesman for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement said they are still investigating, but believe the incident may be linked to recent protests in Portland and could be a form of intimidation.

“There’s concern in this case that the officer was surveilled and followed home,” one law enforcement officer with knowledge of the investigation told Oregon Public Broadcasting.

A group aligned with Antifa sent a tweet Sunday that appeared to praise the attack, Fox reports.

"This is so cool," the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front tweeted.

For months, stories have circulated in the Portland Police Bureau about officers being contacted online and of officers' homes being vandalized, according to PPB Lt. Greg Pashley. Early in the protests, the Portland Police Bureau allowed officers to cover their names with tape on their uniform.