An officer with the Reading (MA) Police Department has been indicted for allegedly shooting a man at a call for service in February 2018.

According to NBC News, Erik Drauschke has been indicted by a Middlesex County grand jury on a charge of manslaughter in connection with the incident that left 43-year-old Alan Greenough dead.

Police records and court documents indicate that police had responded to a call for service of suspected domestic violence when they encountered Greenough, who locked himself in the residence and refused to comply with commands to emerge and surrender to arrest.

Greenough then escaped through a window, sat in a parked car at the gas station near his apartment, and was soon found by Officer Drauschke.

Greenough then allegedly charged the officer—who did not have backup present. Drauschke reportedly fired his sidearm, fatally striking the Greenough in the chest.

After the indictment announcement, Reading Police Chief David Clark said "The Reading Police Department has cooperated fully with the district attorney's investigation over the past two-and-a-half years, and the agency will continue to cooperate fully."

Officer Erik Drauschke has been on paid leave since the shooting. That was changed to unpaid leave on Wednesday.