OPS Public Safety has announced the launch of the company's new Secure Underseat Storage designed for pickup trucks. The Underseat Storage safely secure firearms, ammo, and valuables.

“We are thrilled to launch this exciting new product for pickups as it bridges the gap in the secure storage segment, and this has been made possible by our great team which is constantly innovating and churning out new ideas. We take immense pride in understanding our clients’ needs and providing them with solutions by working closely with them.” says Shane Lawrenson, director of business development at OPS Public Safety.

The Underseat Storage has been carefully designed to ensure easy access from both driver side and passenger side. The dual lid design addresses the problem of accessibility due to split seats from both sides. The latch system makes it ideal for one-hand operation and is discreet which means it fits perfectly under the bench seat and no noise while driving or operating it. The outward flanges on the lid also reduces the possibility of tampering with the box, the company says.

The lightweight box only weighs 46 pounds and is built strong with 16-gauge steel and finished with black premium powder coating, which makes the product abrasion-resistant and non-corrosive. It's covered by a lifetime warranty.

The Secure Underseat Storage is currently designed for 2015-2021 Ford F150 pickups trucks. The unit can  installed in minutes without a drill and all hardware is included.  

“This is an addition to our current line of storage products for vehicles and is aligned with our commitment to deliver world class products using pioneering technology to our discerning clients at great prices!”, said Shane Lawrenson, Director of Business Development.

The Secure Underseat Storage lists for $740.  

For more information, please contact: Shane Lawrenson at (315) 595-3300 Ext 206 or fill out the OPS Public Safety quote form.