In a meeting with top command staff centered on analysis of crime trends in New York City, the chief of the New York Police Department said that officer's "can't be afraid" of using legal force in order to take suspects into custody. He was referencing officer hesitation caused by the city's new law that criminalizes even accidentally kneeling or sitting on a subject.  

According to the Daily News, Chief Terence Monahan said at a recent CompStat meeting, "We can’t be afraid. We’ve got every D.A. come out and say they’re not going to charge that."

He added, "We can't be afraid to do what we do. We can't walk away."

Staten Island District Attorney Michael McMahon said in a written statement late last week that he does not plan to prosecute any NYPD officers he believes accidentally violated the city's new "diaphragm law" which prevents cops from sitting, or kneeling on a suspect during takedowns

McMahon said further that the law "defies common sense."