At least 18 officers with the Chicago Police Department were injured as they responded to a protest that turned dangerously violent on Friday evening.

According to NBC News, protesters were attempting to tear down a statue of Christopher Columbus in a local park when police began to intervene. That's when several of the demonstrators began to throw rocks, bricks, fireworks and other objects at police, causing blunt trauma injury to at least 18 officers.

Some of the injured officers were transported to nearby hospitals for further treatment while some were treated and released at the scene.

Several assailants were arrested and could potentially face charges of battery to a police officer.

A veteran Chicago Police officer told reporters, "I have 17 years on this job. Last night was another example of how our leaders have let the radicals take over. We were outnumbered and unprepared once again. The initial officers on scene had no helmets or shields. Coppers were getting pelted with rocks, sticks, bottles and then shot with fireworks."

An investigation into the incident remains ongoing.