Atlanta’s interim police chief has criticized the Fulton County District Attorney’s decision to file charges in the shooting death of Rayshard Brooks before the GBI finished its own investigation.

In a Thursday interview with Channel 2 Action News, Interim Chief Rodney Bryant said he believed charges were brought too quickly against ex-officer Garrett Rolfe and officer Devin Brosnan.

“I think that anytime the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is conducting an investigation and for us to get all the facts — in our line of work, that’s what we have to do. We have to make sure that we have all the facts or enough facts to warrant charges,” he said.

Rolfe faces 11 charges, including felony murder, after he shot and killed Brooks on June 12. Brooks was found sleeping in a Wendy’s drive-thru and later failed a breathalyzer test before struggling over a Taser during his arrest.

District Attorney Paul Howard accused Rolfe of kicking Brooks after the shooting, adding that Brosnan stood on the gravely injured man. Brosnan faces four charges, including aggravated assault.

Bryant told Channel 2 that he welcomes scrutiny against police use of force, but he wants prosecutors to exercise due process before bringing charges.

Bryant said morale within Atlanta police has been low since widespread protests began against police brutality and racism. He said the quick charges in Brooks’ case has only exacerbated those morale issues.