A teenager in New Mexico who aspires to become a police officer is being lauded for "doing the right thing" after he discovered a large bag of money near an ATM machine in Albuquerque late last week.

According to Yahoo News, Jose Nuñez Romaniz came upon a large clear plastic bag filled with cash next to an ATM. The total value of the cash was $135,000.

"I was very shocked," he said. "I’ve never seen so much money."

The 19-year-old criminal justice student at Central New Mexico Community College took a picture of the bag and then reported it to local police.

Two police officers arrived soon arrived, took the bag and took Nuñez’s statement and information.

"It never passed through my mind to keep any of it," Nuñez said.

According the KRQE the sub-contractor responsible for filling the machine accidentally left the cash.