Three Hoboken, NJ, police officers were injured Friday when a man assaulted them and attempted to take the gun of one of them during an arrest, police say.

At 2:21 a.m. this morning, Hoboken Police Sgt. Donald Rosso was on patrol. Rosso observed an individual break into the trunk of a parked BMW.

The suspect fled. After a four-block foot pursuit, Rosso, Officers Christopher Barral, Josh Campoverde, stopped the suspect and a fight ensued.

Lt. Mike Costello, Sgt. Anthony Russo, and Officer Jesse Castellano arrived to assist with the attempted apprehension.

At one point during the struggle, the suspect grabbed Officer Barral’s gun and began to remove it from his holster, police told Hudson County View.

After a long struggle and the use of mechanical force, the officers were finally able to secure Barral’s weapon, but the suspect continued his fight, attempting to grab the holsters of Russo and Campoverde, officials said.

Costello, Campoverde, and Barral were injured during the arrest.