Masked anti-law enforcement protesters flooded Grand Central Terminal in New York City at the start of rush hour Friday in an attempt to shut down the commuter hub—but the whole thing lasted only around 30 minutes, reports the New York Post.

There were two arrests following a skirmish between police officers and demonstrators, who refused to remove their masks despite repeated orders from police.

Some of the agitators—who want police completely out of the subways and transit to be free—attempted to approach a nearby subway entrance, only to find it blocked off. Others chanted loudly while holding signs with messages like "Money for elevators not more cops," "F–k the police fight the power" and "No fare no cops."

Grand Central commuters were reportedly unimpressed with the 5 p.m. attempt to disrupt service, which dissipated within 30 minutes.

Friday afternoon's demonstration was just the latest salvo in a full day of anti-police, anti-fare protests organized by the group Decolonize This Place, whose goals include "no cops in the MTA, free transit [and] no harassment."

Protesters across the city vandalized turnstiles, trains, and stations with anti-law enforcement messages.

MTA Chief Safety Officer Pat Warren said the protests "divert valuable time, money and resources away from investments in transit services that get New Yorkers to their jobs, schools, doctors and other places they need to go."