A man charged with posing as a police officer in North Carolina joined actual police officers in a vehicle pursuit of a car suspected to be inhabited by a possible murder suspect in early October.

According to CBS News, police say the man—identified as David Adams Jr.—was even the person to place handcuffs on the subject before leaving the scene of the traffic stop.

The incident began when a vehicle containing five male subjects fled police who had attempted to stop them at a convenience store.

Adams—driving a Ford Taurus with activated blue emergency lights—reportedly got in front of the suspect vehicle and forced it to slow down.

When the suspect vehicle came to a stop, Adams is said to have exited his vehicle with a gun drawn and issued commands for the driver to get out.

After Adams placed the suspect in handcuffs, responding officers told Adams to back away because they were unsure of his law enforcement status.

Adams did, and promptly left the scene. It was later discovered that Adams was not a sworn officer and a warrant was issued for his arrest. He was taken into custody over the weekend.