First responders rely on their training to make quick and effective decisions. They train for years to handle the physical stresses of a demanding job.  However, effective training to deal with the significant mental challenges both on and off the job is lacking.  Xtreme Performance Lab (XPL) has announced the next generation of mental conditioning technology, offering effective skills training to first responders to promote better critical decision making, better stress management, and a higher level of personal wellness. All of which translates into better job performance as well as an improved level of wellbeing at home. 

According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are an estimated 4.6 million law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics serving across the United States. Using a patent-pending combination of proven biofeedback and neurofeedback techniques, combined with the latest in real-time, three-dimensional brain monitoring and imaging software, XPL offers these first responders an individualized mental assessment and training solution to help prepare them for the pressures they face on and off the job. 

The ability to be calm under pressure, to make critical and correct decisions and to perform at the levels expected of them, creates a high-stress environment for those that arrive first on the scene to situations that are turbulent, dangerous and extremely fast-paced. First responders must be able to manage every minute of these chaotic moments, then recover quickly and effectively in preparation for the next. At the end of the day, they are expected to return home unfazed and able to take on their personal life with little regard to what they've just seen and heard. Mental skills training provides the needed skills to be fully prepared for a tough day on the job, along with the skills needed to shed the stresses of the day before going home. 

"Our first responders provide a service to the people that not many could handle, and it's important that we show our gratitude not only on days like today, National First Responders Day but every day," says David A. Clarke, founder and CEO of Xtreme Performance Lab. "It's also important that we look for ways that help these brave men and women deal with the high-stress situations they deal with daily. Our goal at XPL is to provide first responders with advanced mental training tools that help develop the needed skills for performing under extreme pressure, as well as give them the means to return home to their families and process the stresses of the day with as little effect on themselves and their loved ones as possible." 

Professionally guided trainings are done remotely via XPL's NeuroPod PRO delivery platform and measurable results can be achieved in just two hours per week. XPL services include a comprehensive Performance Capabilities Assessment (like a "combine for the mind"), individualized mental training protocols using the company's proprietary Quantitative Neuro-Physical Conditioning (QNCP), and mental wellness progress measurements. 

According to the University of Phoenix, 85% of first responders experience symptoms related to mental health issues, while 34% have received a formal mental health disorder diagnosis, like depression or PTSD. QNPC training protocols are designed not only to develop the mental skills first responders need to utilize while under the pressures and high-stress situations of the job, but in their personal life as well.

"Mental health disorders like depression and PTSD are devastating to sufferers, as well as to their family and friends," continues Clarke. "We hope to give first responders a new way to manage their emotional state, and at the same time, remove any negative stigma that may be associated with mental wellness in this industry."

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About Xtreme Performance Lab 

The Xtreme Performance Lab (XPL) team has more than 30 years of experience in mental training across a variety of industries, helping athletes reach their peak performance, aiding first responders and the military in mental preparedness and coping skills and preparing executives with the ability to command a room. XPL's technologies enable it to help professionals identify, measure, train and reach "The zone," the ultimate state of optimal performance. The company's remote service delivery platform allows it to train anyone, anytime, anywhere. XPL offers the next generation of elite training that can turn natural ability into unbeatable performance. For more information, visit