A California Highway Patrol officer was killed and two other CHP officers were wounded before fatally shooting a suspect in a gun battle near the 215 Freeway in Riverside Monday, officials said.

The suspect was driving a white GMC pickup when a lone CHP officer pulled him over, CHP Inland Division Assistant Chief Scott Parker said.

The reason for the stop has not been revealed, but the officer determined he needed to impound the truck. The officer had called for a tow truck and was filling out paperwork when the man went back into his pickup and pulled out a rifle, Parker said.

The driver opened fire on the officer and struck him, but the officer was still able to radio for backup. Sheriff's deputies and local police also responded, but the first three officers on scene were from CHP, according to Parker.

The gunman immediately engaged the first two officers in a gunfight; both officers returned fire and both were hit, the assistant chief told KTLA.

The gun battle continued between a fourth CHP officer and about four other law enforcement officers until the suspect was fatally wounded. The man died at the scene, according to Parker.

The fallen CHP officer has been identified as Officer Andre Moye.

One of the officers wounded was in critical condition, while the other suffered minor injuries, officials said. Neither of the wounded officers has been identified.