One of the largest gangs in Mississippi has reportedly threatened the lives of law enforcement officers in the state over the killing of a wanted man Wednesday in Memphis by U.S. Marshals.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety released a bulletin to law enforcement on Thursday evening warning of the threat by the Gangster Disciples street gang.

Twenty-year-old Brandon Webber was shot by U.S. Marshals in Memphis after ramming their vehicles with his several times and then stepping out of a car he had stolen with a weapon, officials said Thursday morning. The shooting sparked rioting in which the mob threw rocks, bottles, and chunks of cement at police on the scene, injuring dozens of officers and two journalists.

According to DPS, Webber's father made the threat against law enforcement Wednesday night, calling for retaliation for the death of his son. The threats are considered to be against all law enforcement, but especially the Marshals. Information from informants to DPS and to the Mississippi Association of Gang Investigators indicate that the gang has threatened to kill a Marshal to even the score, WLBT reports.

The Gangster Disciples, one of the three largest street gangs in Mississippi according to the latest gang study by the Fusion Center, were also involved with a threat on law enforcement in 2015 along with the 74 Hoover Crips. This happened just after Hattiesburg police officers Liquori Tate and Benjamin Deen were killed and Marvin Banks was captured and charged with two counts of capital murder in their deaths.