A video surfaced on social media Monday of an officer with the Altoona (PA) Police Department engaged in a high-stakes contest with a local high school student—a "Dance-Off."

The dance moves are all from the online video game sensation Fortnite, which allows players to purchase celebratory dances that draw reference from famous scenes in television history and internet pop culture.

The agency posted on Facebook, "So yesterday, two APD patrol officers observed 11th grade AAHS students making a video on outside distractions for a Driver's Ed school project. Officer Stickel and this young man decided to challenge each other in a Fortnite Dance-Off to add to the film! (Not without Stickel's Field Training Officer, Ofc. Worthy catching it on his own cell phone video of course!)"

The post concluded, "Who do you think the winner is?!?"