Two Warwick, RI, police officers saved the life of a choking baby girl Friday.

Officer Brian Holleran and Officer Anthony D'Abrosca were responding to an unrelated call at a Kohl's department store Friday night when they heard the cries for help. 

"A woman had come out of Kohl's yelling, screaming, 'Baby's choking, she can't breathe. We need help!'" Officer Brian Holleran told WPRI.

Both officers ran to her, finding a 16-month-old baby not breathing with her lips turned light blue.

Holleran started the Heimlich maneuver and then CPR, getting the baby to breathe on her own again.

Holleran has been with the Warwick Police Department for about two and a half years. Before that, he spent more than 10 years with EMS in New York. But Friday night was the first time he ever had to perform CPR on a baby.