On the morning he shot and killed five people and injured five police officers, Aurora, IL, warehouse gunman Gary Martin warned a co-worker that “If I get fired, I’m going to kill every mother (expletive) here” and “I am going to blow police up,” according to the Kane County state’s attorney’s review of the incident.

State’s Attorney Joe McMahon released his findings in a memo Monday, hours before the five police officers who were shot and several other Aurora police employees were scheduled to be honored in a ceremony. The memo offers the most detailed account to date of the Feb. 15 shooting, reports the Aurora Beacon-News.

It is believed Martin brought the gun into work with him that Friday because there is no video evidence of him leaving and going to his car to retrieve a gun, officials said.

Martin arrived at work around 6:45 a.m. and encountered fellow employee Vicente Juarez near the time clock. He spoke with Juarez regarding an incident Martin had the previous day about safety glasses.

Martin spoke to a few employees that Friday morning and expressed concern that he may be fired and threatened to shoot up the warehouse if he did.

An employee told officials that he did not report the statement because he believed Martin was making “off the wall” statements. The employee said he knew Martin kept a gun in his car, but he had never seen Martin bring the gun into the warehouse.